Linoleum floors, the kings in the 50s


Linoleum floors, the kings in the 50s

The linoleum floor is, so to speak in a graphic way, very expansive, but it does not mean that it is free from inconvenience. But in this article I will talk mainly about the main benefits of the linoleum floor, but also its weaknesses, and the statistics of pros and cons. It should also be taken into account that there are alternatives, other types of floors such as vinyl or laminate. Special interest has the Linoleum floor. However, since they became fashionable there in the fifties, and filled offices and homes, they have evolved a lot, like everything else.

Advantages of the linoleum floor

The variety of colors and textures of this material is huge. Each major manufacturer produces about 150 types of products. Most of the time, it is an imitation of wood or stone, but we also find the latest collections of very original colors. Vinyl floors, but also other floors, allow each of us to decorate to our liking. Therefore, choosing the right image is not difficult and we can recreate a vintage, 50-year-old environment, with total ease.

Ease of operation and cleaning.

Vinyl siding does not require any additional maintenance costs and is very easy to clean (we will only need vinegar). The material is very strong. With stacking technology, the floor will serve us for 15-20 years. Vinyl plank floors or tiles are dyed evenly throughout the thickness and, therefore, scratches on them will not be very noticeable.

Abrasion of the material is practically impossible. The wear resistance of printed vinyl floors It depends on the thickness of the protective layer. When buying coverage, it is better to give preference to models of companies with more experience in the sector.

Easy installation.

Everyone can cope with the placement of this floor covering. Self-adhesive tile models are very popular today, while plank floors require the application of a special composition. Both types of floors are quite easy to install, the process does not require special skills.


Vinyl floors are always hot enough and only the amount of water needed for cleaning must be used. After the cleaning process, we clean the floor with a dry cloth.

Disadvantages of vinyl floors – Combustion toxicity.

Although this material is not particularly related to a fuel, in case of fire it becomes very dangerous. The fact that the combustion process evolves toxicly if a person inhales the vinyl substance only a few times, will lose consciousness.

The so-called exhaustion.

Sometimes, cheaper models may change color under sunlight and become yellowish or paler. As mentioned earlier, the vinyl siding It is well cleaned, but there are some types of pollutants that are removed from the floor only with great force. They occur more frequently in contact with rubber. It can be a trace of a rubber mat or heel taps.

For the first time after installation, cheaper models can release volatile organic compounds into the air, which has a negative impact on the human body. Being artificial material, vinyl siding does not decompose naturally. This material rarely becomes the object of recycling, so the discarded vinyl will accumulate in landfills. The process of production of the material is not very respectful with the environment, hence it is best not to opt for cheaper floors and always look for quality material and other types of floors.

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