“Light bulbs and their eco-reuse in the market”


“Light bulbs and their eco-reuse in the market” 1

Light bulbs are one of the most used items in all parts of the world,
these are made of glass and metals that bad
discarded have a high degree of pollution on the land, so during
campaigns have been carried out for a long time to change and use
saving bulbs, which allow you to correctly recycle your waste.

the studies and professionals of the subject a country can generate approximately
between 7 and 9 tons of this waste and mercury, one of the components
of the bulbs could contaminate overwhelming amounts of drinking water, if
It is taken as a reference that a single bulb can contaminate a pool
whole and also that not all can be recycled, particularly; the
halogen and incandescent

"At present
There are many ways to avoid contamination by use items
everyday, ”says Julian Riano of reviewbox.com.mx, thanks to technology and connectivity,
they can learn different techniques, processes that with a little creativity and
genius you can give a new use to everything that is no longer so attractive or
It stopped working. “The trend of having recycled things with
style and a touch of originality has developed a whole new market that if
growing and that is well received by consumers. ”

of interiors.

incredible things that you had not thought about having or doing with a couple of
light bulbs that did not light more, gives light to new ideas. Now it is an art
Recycle and design to recreate different and new spaces in homes. Tea
We leave a couple of small ideas that you can recreate with that light bulb that does not
turned on for a few days.

1- Mini base

“Light bulbs and their eco-reuse in the market” 2

2- Bottles for

“Light bulbs and their eco-reuse in the market” 3

3- Small gifts

“Light bulbs and their eco-reuse in the market” 4

Something that is
very important and you must take into account when working with light bulbs is
that you should not forget that it contains harmful chemicals it is advisable to always wear work gloves and goggles,
in this way you avoid that, if it were to break or explode to be hurting you, the
Protection is important.

The other side of the Eco-reusable

Some companies have ideas
ingenious to increase their capitals and audiences, and sell products
designed with characteristics similar to items that can be recycled,
and give them very particular and striking uses to create trends; from here,
Who would think of having a drink in a light bulb? Yes, it is the new
fashion that you go through all the social networks and that has spread quickly
for Asia and Europe, and that many anxiously wait to reach their location,
Then you can have a delicious cocktail, tea, or milkshake in this new fashion.

Selling wrong ideas
or confusing concepts people could erroneously invest their money
in things that have no ecological purpose, and that otherwise generate more
waste, the ignorance of some leads to the profit of others.

A good end

The main purpose of everything
this existing movement is to create sustainable innovative ideas that
help NO pollution of the environment REUSING materials, for many
The importance of this is paramount, but the fight is hard and there is a lot to do.
Walk and learn.

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