La Verdad, by Javier G. Delgado


Synopsis of the book: The book The Truth, first of the trilogy REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE, leads you, first and foremost, to leave behind all the illusions that have always caused you to repeat the same dead or unlinked areas of life. Leaving behind what does not work is the only thing that can provide a life according to everything we have always wanted. The Truth is what you carry inside when you remember again Who You Really Are, who is behind everything and who is the ultimate and primary author of the life that We Are All, of the life that You Are, and of the love you have eternally enjoyed.

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About the Author: Nothing you read in this book has to do with my worldly data or what is the same: reference my character. Because this book is based on the authentic reality of Who You Are and the data of a person, in this case, they are completely invalid. If you pursue such data, then you will begin to miss the book and therefore leave aside your true identity, your real nature. I know that you always, somehow, wondered who you are, otherwise you would not hold this book. I can guarantee you it was written so you can remember yourself. And I can assure Who You Really Are even if you have to find out.

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