La Semana Negra 2019 presents its prizes to Luis Artigue, Enrique Llamas, Carlos Bassas del Rey, Juan Sasturain, Nacho Carretero and Jesús Maeso de la Torre


Once again, the Semana Negra de Gijón prizes are announced. The Celsius Award to the best novel of Science Fiction and Fantasy this year has won the writer Luis Artigue with his novel Where it is always midnight. The jury, chaired by Jesús Joaquín Palacios Trigo, and also formed by Ángel Luis Sucasas Fernández, Julio César Iglesias Fernández decided to grant by majority, not unanimously, the prize; stating a dissenting vote. A dystopia that takes place in a city where the night has come to stay edited by Pez de Plata.

The Spartacus Prize to the best Historical Novel has gone to Jesus Maeso de la Torre with his work Comanche, where he tells the work that the king's dragons did along the Mexican border in the eighteenth century. The jury was composed of Pilar Sánchez Vicente, Alfonso Mateo-Sagasta, Fermín Goñi and Rafael González as secretary and awarded the prize unanimously.

ANDl Rodolfo Walsh Prize for the best work of Black Non-Fiction has been for the writer from Gijón, although based in Galicia, Nacho Carretero with his work On death row, published in Espasa. The jury was formed by Marifé Antuña, Juan Bolea, Carlos Quílez and José Manuel Estébanez Izquierdo, acting as secretary, who decided to award the prize unanimously. The book tells the journey suffered by Pablo Ibars in the corridor of death, this sentence has now been commuted to life imprisonment.

The Memorial Silverio Cañada Award for Best First Novel of Gender Blackor has been granted to The Cain of Enrique Llamas. The jury was composed of Marta Robles Gutiérrez, Paco Gómez Escribano and Luis Artigue Holgado and acting as secretary Beatriz Rato Rionda, who unanimously agreed to award the prize, for their bold proposal of a country noir that immerses you in a disturbing and sordid environment.

The last prize was the Dashiell Hammett for the best Black Novel written in Spanish in 2018, the jury was formed by Empar Fernández, Juan Carlos Gea, Noemí Sabugal and Miguel Barrero, who agreed to award the prize 'ex aequo' to Fair, of Carlos Bassas del Rey, Y The last Hammett, of Juan Sasturain. The jury valued the bet of both to explore the margins of the genre from different narrative and stylistic postulates.

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Carlos Bassas del Rey, Enrique Llamas, Jesus Maeso de la Torre, Juan Sasturain, Luis Artigue, Nacho Carretero, Semana Negra de Gijón

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