Know the advantages of the electronic or digital signature


There are many mechanisms that exist for the protection of documents, identities and transactions. However, few have had such broad appreciation and recognition as the digital signature.

Considered as a mathematical encryption technique, the digital signature is a security mechanism formed by keys, which allows to protect documents and contracts, among others. They also help in linking in the same way as a current firm, but offering a higher level of protection.

It is a great help for business activities of companies. It guarantees the protection of the identity of the person who signs, in addition to providing authenticity and avoiding possible falsifications.

Security improvements and time savings

The phenomenon of digital signatures has been increasing. More and more companies and individuals are choosing one, due to the advantages it provides in terms of security.

When it comes to online transactions, which are greater over the years, the digital signature acts as a mechanism that generates robustness and authenticity in any document.

Electronic signature

However, it not only protects, but also facilitates productivity because save time. A digital signature can be used to optimize work, because everything is handled electronically.

It works as a binding on contracts, but allowing them to be signed anywhere, regardless of whether the parties share location. With all this the use of traditional firms is obsolete.

The GDPR law

On May 25, 2018, the application of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Law, also called as General Data Protection Regulation.

This rule seeks the protection of the personal information of internet users in European territory. Its application covers all types of foreign companies, regardless of their size, in addition to portals and platforms that handle data from European customers.

It requires that user information is not disclosed, which has made many companies resort to much safer mechanisms to avoid data management.

However, it has limited certain transactions, affecting some companies.

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Companies that offer the use of digital signatures have also been affected by this law, provided they are foreign.

However, one of the best alternatives today, being precisely of European origin, is the company Thanks to this, you are exempted from certain restrictions designated for foreign companies, without this meaning that they have arbitrarily available customer data.

This is one of the most recognized companies, thanks to the offer of digital signatures that comply with European laws, including, in addition, the regulation eIDAS. This is exclusive in Europe and regulates the use of personal information.

Its data encryption guarantee, as well as the implementation of unique key systems and highly complex algorithms, make it an excellent alternative when choosing digital signatures.

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