Kitesurf courses for a different summer


Doing different activities is something that many people look for with the arrival of summer. Who has not proposed on occasion to have a different summer? If you want yours to be, you should not miss the Kitesurf Mallorca courses. With them, you can start or improve your technique in this activity that has more and more followers.

Kitesurf courses Mallorca

In order for the courses to be fully effective, they must be carried out in an organized manner. In this way, learning will be much more effective. For this, you can choose a semi-private class where there will be 2 students, 1 instructor and a kite team. In this case, the students will have the same level. In this way, the learning curve will be the same for both students.

On the other hand, you can also choose a semi-private class with 2 students, 1 instructor and 2 kite teams. There is also a third option, the private class in which there will be only 1 student, 1 instructor and a kite team. Whichever class is chosen, everyone will learn in the same way and they will do it practicing.

In these classes of Kitesurf Mallorca all classes are organized based on wind and weather. It is recommended to attend classes with sunglasses and sunscreen. All classes have Civil Liability and accident insurance for maximum safety-

Different levels in Kitesurf courses

So that everyone can enjoy this activity, different levels are offered. In this way, anyone who has not had contact with this discipline before, can learn from scratch in the most pleasant way possible.

Those interested can participate in a Kitesurf baptism course. In them, you will have a first contact and you will have a fun time. The activity lasts between 1 and 3 hours.

If you already have a simple knowledge base, the best option is the initiation course to Kitesurf. The course lasts between 6 and 9 hours and it is truly amazing what can be learned at that time. The instructors will be present at all times so that everyone has a great time.

In case you already have knowledge and practice, the Kitesurf refreshment course is another possible option. In this way, the knowledge acquired can be refreshed and confidence is regained. The duration of these courses is directly related to the learning needs that are had.

Finally, if you already have some experience and want to improve your skills, you can do a refresher course. They will touch on topics such as basic navigation, transitions and jumps in kitesurfing, skipping techniques, surfkiting, etc.

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