Jesus Gil … and such and such


His name and history were also known by the audience of Malaga, the national audience and the Supreme Court, moreover by UEFA and the athletic club of Madrid – political businessman and transgressor Jesus Gil – did not seem to limit his thirst for power and that earned him the relentless persecution of justice apart from being recognized as the figure that always and in all circumstances seemed to appreciate being the mafia of demagogy and revenge, and such and such.

Gregorio Jesús Gil was born in the borough of Osma Soria in the third month of the year of nineteen thirty-three in a house of a humble family. At eighteen he moved to Madrid to pursue the veterinary career that he would later leave. The same thing happened to him with economic ones, and it is that since he was young he could not study him. He liked business more, simple money.

With the work of Los Angeles de San Rafael in nineteen sixty-five, the entrepreneur Hill would be involved in his first major real estate scandal. On June 15, nineteen sixty-nine, the structure of the restaurant of the party hall of the angels of St. Raphael, owned by Jesus Gil- collapsed, and the ceiling collapsed, fifty-eight people were killed and another hundred and fifty wounded.

Gil decided that neither prison and death would put a burden on him and in June nineteen eighty-seven reached media stardom being appointed president of the Atlético de Madrid.

Gil ran for the mayor of Marbella with his party, the G I L, with which he won the elections with an absolute majority on May twenty-nineteen ninety-two. Since then he would be the ruler of Marbella over eleven years.

High levels of histrionics reached the peak when in that year nineteen ninety-one signed a contract with Telecinco to present its own T.V. issued from his jacuzzi the nights of such and such.

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