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«We have been building an important presence in the Spanish market for almost a decade and it is exciting to be recognized by the world leader in event technology and to invest more in our growing market. Join forces will provide great value to our customers, which will now benefit from the proven innovation, a global team and the great resources of Eventbrite. We hope to extend the impact of both our equipment and our technology beyond our borders to the more than 180 countries and territories where its powerful platform gives rise to millions of events today ».

With these words Javier Andrés announced A year and a half ago the acquisition by Eventbrite of the company he had founded in 2010, Ticketea A historic operation that raised Andrés al Olimpo from the Spanish entrepreneurial sector and that also made him Country Director for Spain and Portugal of the international giant of online ticket sales.

Now, a new statement on your LinkedIn profile has served to Announce your decision to leave the company:

When I founded Ticketea in 2010, I never imagined that it would end up becoming one of the most important ticket sales websites in Spain, much less that I would end up joining the leading Silicon Valley ticketing platform, Eventbrite, just before its IPO In U.S.A.

The last 10 years have been a exciting adventure Of which I feel deeply proud: Ticketea showed me that you can create a great team, an excellent product and a profitable company. The acquisition by Eventbrite has meant the opening in Madrid of the new global engineering, design and product center of the American company.

During this stage in Eventbrite, I have been fortunate to travel a lot and meet great professionals from whom I learned a lot, but I have the entrepreneurial “virus” inside and I know that if I want to get the best version of myself, my place is more in A start-up than in a multinational.

Yesterday I finished my stage in Eventbrite, but not that of my entrepreneurial world. Also now with the illusion of adding the new facet of investor….

At the moment I take a few days of vacation, to enjoy mine that I owe them so much time…. but I promise to come back soon!

As you can see, it seems that for the moment Javier will continue his work as mentor in SeedRocket, but promises to return as an investor and entrepreneur. Curiously, Javier gave Marketing4eCommerce his last interview as an Eventbrite manager, in which he reviewed his trajectory of the last 10 years, the transition from Ticketea to Eventbrite and his vision of the online ticket sales sector.

[019] From Ticketea to Eventbrite: How to manage an exit to a multinational, with Javier Andrés

In that interview, to Rubén Bastón's question about his concerns beyond the Internet sector, Javier Andrés showed a multidisciplinary profile:

R.B .: If you weren't working on ticketing, in the internet sector, which sector would you have looked at?

J.A .: There are still many things to do in many areas. There are very interesting topics that are being made in the digitization of education, which is opening many possibilities. I think sectors like energy There will also be a change in the energy model, not only with the issue of electric cars but with the issue of self-consumption, as well. the world of insurance It is a world that brings many innovations and always rewarding the client, sectors such as the real state in which there are also very cool initiatives.

There are many areas where technology is entering to optimize the sector just as eCommerce, ticketing or media did at the time.

Will any of these sectors be the new objective of Javier Andrés?

For its part, Eventbrite sources have made clear the position of the company before the departure of Andrés:

«Javier Andrés is a true entrepreneur, and is therefore happier when he can create and build something new and unique. He joined Eventbrite when we acquired his Ticketea company, and after ten years working and innovating in the ticketing sector, he has now decided to focus on his next great idea.

Javier has played a crucial role in the integration of Ticketea in Eventbrite, has recruited incredible talent and has supervised the creation and opening of our global engineering hub in Madrid, center that is developing, together with the Villena center, intelligent solutions for creators of events of all types and sizes worldwide.

Javier leaves the Spanish business in good shape. His main responsibilities will be assumed by a leadership team composed of Chema Lloret, Beatriz Rodrigo and Giuseppe Ciotta, who will complete the integration of Ticketea into Eventbrite and will manage the continuous growth of our engineering center in Madrid."

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