Japan will have a new competition on the FIP calendar


Padel does not stop growing in Japan and a demonstration of this is that the International Padel Federation has included a date for a competition within its calendar. This will be a new occasion for Japanese players to demonstrate the enormous boom this sport is experiencing in their country. Thus, you can offer a demonstration of your skills with the best paddle blades Nox, among other brands.

This new competition, which has been held between August 2 and 4, has been organized in the city of Chiba. It has been, specifically, in the club Harenochihare Padel Club With two competitions in one. On the one hand they have made the third FIP Rise Padel Open, in the men's category with prizes of 3,000 dollars. On the other hand, the third Women’s Japan Open, exclusive to the female category.

These two events have been, in turn, the first appointments of the FIP calendar that have been used to launch new unified ranking with the World Padel Tour world circuit. This is going to get more players, in both categories, to be able to play more pre-rounds. Thus, they can participate in more professional tournaments and get more experience and growth within this sport.

But this is not the first time that Japan holds an important paddle competition for the country. Last year, during the month of March, the first FIP ​​tournament in the history of the country organized by the Japan Padel Association (JPA). In this tournament, 14 female couples and 16 male pairs participated. All of them had a pretty good level even though this sport is still in its initial stages of development.

It was a success both in the organization and in the participation, for which he had a final among the strongest couples of the Japanese national circuit. They could enjoy it hundreds of fans They moved from cities like Osaka, Nara, Nagoya and even from some parts of Spain.

The paddle barely reached the Japanese country a few years ago, but since then it has been gaining popularity among its citizens. In addition, they intend to be placed as the first power of the paddle in Asia. Since 2015 they have not stopped building paddle courts, and at this time there are already a dozen throughout the territory. Some of the great drivers of the sport of the shovel in this country are Spanish.

Spain has contributed a lot to this growth, and our country is a great collaborator in the paddle expansion because here is the second most practiced sport. Thanks to this, Japan is taking leaps and bounds in shovel sport.

Its growth has been so rapid that they have even managed to put one of their players into the World Padel Tour. Last June he participated in the Valladolid Master Daisuke Shoyama. The young man moved to our country to play alongside Hugo García, who also had his debut in that tournament. Both trained in Madrid under the orders of Máximo Castellote.

The Japanese player had previously won for two years in a row Final Master of the Japan Padel Tour, of the Asian Cup 2019 after defeating teams from other countries such as Australia or Qatar. In addition, he is a paddle monitor in Japan and has been practicing this sport for three years.

Currently, the paddle has grown so much since It is played in 57 countries including countries like Senegal or Singapore. In addition, for the next European Olympic Games he has already submitted his candidacy, which would be his springboard to be Olympic in the next games worldwide.

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