It's already 2019: Buy a Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Household tasks are always complicated and require a considerable time, but thanks to technology, these tasks are now easier to do with the robots designed for it, which are very fashionable and that turn out to be the perfect assistants for the house.

Sweeping, vacuuming and drying the floor is no longer a problem

It is imperative, to keep the home impeccable, that all areas of the house are very clean, and for it in online stores such as the robot store, it is possible to get the robot vacuum cleaner that best suits any need.

But, Why is a robot vacuum cleaner necessary? Because currently the user's time has acquired more and more value and the time he has available he prefers to take advantage of resting or spending time with his loved ones. A robot vacuum cleaner will save you time, because this appliance can sweep, vacuum, or dry the floor in a short time.

In addition, these teams have up to geolocation system to get to the most unsuspecting corners of the home and leave them clean, as can be programmed, they take care of everything, representing a great help at home. In this way, the most inaccessible areas will not be cleaned up either.

Manufactured with top quality materials and designed to have a long life cycle, vacuum robots do not have to assume a large outlay, taking into account that in the long term the value will be less than the value of the time invested.

Robot vacuum cleaner 2019

In the Robotienda, it is possible to compare all the models of each of these robot aspirators of different characteristics, whose cost depends on the wide variety of options that exist for the user.

Ideal assistant at home

When observing the multiple advantages that these robots have, we can not leave out the cecotec conga, whose characteristics attract the buyer for the innovativeness of the product and with the most accessible prices in the market.

The highest demand vacuum cleaner has conquered users, who on the website let know their experience with this robot vacuum cleaner, with 10 cleaning modes, gyro and laser navigation, which currently competes with well-known brands in the market, specializing in robotics.

The Conga Excellence 990 model sweeps, sucks, scrubs the floor and passes the mop. It has a navigation system due to the proximity sensors to calculate the distance and the anti-fall sensor. It has a programmable memory of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, controlled remotely with an LCD screen with five cleaning modes and even a silent mode of work.

The advantage it has is that allows the user to choose the cleaning mode that fits your need, such as room mode or spiral mode. The latter is used when the dirt is concentrated at a certain point.

While, the model Conga Slim 890, it also sweeps, vacuums, passes the mop, scrubs the floor, has an iTech Evo navigation with its proximity sensors, for distance and anti-fall. It is programmable 24 hours a day and controlled with a remote control to determine the five cleaning modes: auto, room, edges, spiral and back home, also with silent mode.

It is one of the most requested for its excellent value for money and also has the WET accessory, which is an adaptable tank where you can store cleaning products next to the modern microfiber mop, to leave every space in the home shining.

Available in one click

The Cecotec vacuum cleaner is available on websites such as The Robotienda, an expert portal in the field where you can place orders for a immediate delivery and so be able to count at home with this great appliance, that just by programming it, will do the work to achieve, as a final result, that the house is impeccable.

What was a dream a long time ago, now is a tangible reality that nobody can miss with these formidable devices that allow us to think that the future has already arrived at home.

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