It's a good idea? Is it the most democratic?


electronic vote: Is it a good idea? Is it the most democratic? Why, if we have already achieved wonders with software on the planet, are we still going out to vote on paper?

In this video Freddy explains to us why the ELECTRONIC VOTE, according to him, is simply not democratic and what were the failures when trying to incorporate it.

electronic vote: Spain in 2017


In early June 2017, the Secretary of State for Security, José Antonio Nieto, said that the implementation of electronic voting is a "danger" that Spain should not accept because of the growing threat of cybercrime. The fact is that they say that we do have the technology to change the voting system, but they do not dare for this of cybercrime. It gives me that it is a simple excuse for not opening the door to a truly democratic system in which citizens are the true parliament.

He said this at the inauguration of a conference on cybersecurity organized by the Dialogue Club for Democracy and Telephone, Nieto said that today the paper vote for an election offers "more guarantees" than the electronic one. Nieto also recalled that although the Electoral Board recommended 7 years ago the implementation of this voting system and that Spain has the technological development to do so, "very few dare today" to ensure that electronic voting cannot be manipulated and, therefore, that the truthful results of an election are compromised.

They tell us more about this in: Interior rules out implementing electronic voting for growing cybercrime –

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