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A series of controversies that emerged after the friendly against Colombia on Tuesday, triggered rumors of a departure from the Venezuelan strategist of Vinotinto. Sports journalists shuffle three names if this happens

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The 0-0 against Colombia in Tampa, United States, was not the only bad feeling that Venezuela left. A series of controversies with the Venezuelan Football Federation (FVF), logistics errors and misinformation, have triggered speculation about a possible resignation of Rafael Dudamel to the technical direction of the national team.

The player Juan Pablo Añor gave some statements that were rough. He said it was strange that only a single game was played on double date FIFA and felt that the participation of all players is boycotting. That is, he accused a lack of logistics.

This fault was felt even more when none of the players declared in the mixed zone, something that Colombia did and many sports journalists from Venezuela considered it a “lack of respect” on the part of the FVF. This forced the entity to issue a statement detaching itself from the incident and leaving the blame in the hands of the technical staff itself.

In addition to the mixture of these things, plus the poor game exhibited by Vinotinto in that one match, it should also be added that Rafael Dudamel did not know that Venezuela will play a friendly match against Bolivia in the city of Caracas in a month.

This would be something positive if we only take into account that the national team would return to play a duel on Venezuelan soil and that in addition, Bolivia is led by a Venezuelan coach; César Farías, but that the vinotinto strategist was uninformed of this, only added more uncertainty about his permanence.

The shadow of the coach's resignation looms again in the selection. The journalist Pedro Bozo said via Twitter that the FVF manages three names to replace Dudamel if his departure is produced. These are: Francesco Stifano, who gave an absolute championship to Zamora FC and led to the quarterfinals of the South American Cup to Zulia FC; Jorge Luis Pinto, Colombian coach who has directed in Venezuela and managed to take the 2014 Costa Rica National Team to the quarterfinals of Brazil; and Sachi Escobar, another Colombian coach who also directed in Venezuela and is currently a strategist at the Catholic University of Ecuador.

Until now it is unknown what will happen within the Vinotinto.

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