Is it worth investing in a mailbox strategy?


The mailbox strategies They are very present in current advertising. This system, which would reach the market since Correos would start working, allows us to reach the potential client's house directly, making it easier for it to end up opting for our product or service. The mailbox prices They are very affordable, which makes many companies continue to use it.

Are you considering following a strategy of buzoneo, but do not finish it clear? We encourage you to keep reading, to discover some of the advantages of the mailbox.

Advantages of the mailbox

Reduced costs

The cost of these strategies will depend on what we are looking for: obviously, we will not pay the same if we want to make a strategy that covers a small town, to promote the new supermarket catalog, that if we want it to reach a big city, even up to neighboring towns

In any case, and compared to what other marketing strategies cost, the mailbox strategies they are very affordable.


According to studies, physical advertising has a higher opening rate than online advertising. It has a conversion rate: in other words, it is much easier for us to open a business letter that arrives at our house, than an e-mail.

At the very least, we will have guaranteed that the client will see the advertising that we have sent him, that he will open the envelope. The action may not be completed (the sale or hiring does not occur) but we will have captured your attention for a few seconds.

Most e-mails do not even pass that barrier: many are deleted before being opened. Some even go directly to the SPAM folder, which almost guarantees that they will never be relieved.

It allows a good market segmentation

The company will have the possibility to make a good market segmentation: For example, you can classify the potential customer based on the area in which you reside, city, area, neighborhood, whether it is a private customer or a company.

A mailbox system will work better if in the physical store we implement counting systems -> For example, we can ask the customer to indicate his zip code at the time of payment. In this way, we can send advertising in that area, knowing that it is more likely to succeed.

It helps to achieve good coverage

The coverage of a buzoneo strategy It can be as wide as we want. We can reach a certain part of the city, another city, more or less extensive areas … and the truth is that everything will depend on the budget we have. In general, the larger the budget, the more we will achieve.

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