Invest in Properties in Colombia


This post is aimed at both Colombian citizens and other countries. The reason for invest in Colombia It has to do with the current situation of the real estate sector of the Latin American country, which presents a series of advantages and opportunities that are worth mentioning.

Measures for the activation of the sale of homes in Colombia

In the next years, buy house in Colombia It will become one of the best options to improve the country's economy. To this end, the government has taken 6 measures focused on allowing families with fewer resources to have access to housing and also small investors bet on real estate value. In summary, these are the 6 measures:

  1. Fiscally endorse families to acquire a home.
  2. Generate competitive advantages for banks to increase the amount of financing for the purchase of housing.
  3. Specifically, guarantee mortgage loans for the middle classes and the acquisition of Non-VIS (Non-Social Integration Housing) homes.
  4. Increase bank financing to construction companies to expedite the construction of houses.
  5. The price ceiling for the purchase of VIS homes is adjusted. It goes from 112 million pesos to 125 million pesos.
  6. At the same time, subsidies offered by compensation funds with public assistance programs may be used.

Best places to buy homes

That said, many may be thinking about where to buy a home in Colombia, not only as a first home but as a second apartment and even as an investment. In these last two cases the most attractive cities are the following:

  • Medellin, in neighborhoods like Bello or San Rafael.
  • Cali, in neighborhoods like El Peñón.
  • Cartagena de Indias.
  • The capital Bogota.
  • Armenia.

Opportunity for non-residents

The purchase of a home in Colombia for non-residents is also one of the recommendations of the government and much of the real estate sector of the country. This includes expatriates who live outside Colombia or people from regions such as Europe or the United States who want to take advantage of the pull to make some investment.

In both cases, the Inter Image institution It provides advice to people residing in countries such as Spain or the United Kingdom, in addition to guiding where to buy and what real estate according to the purchasing power of each client. People who finally decide to acquire a home in Colombia will have a few advantages in your favor:

  • Residing and working in the United States or Europe means having higher wages that allow, in return, to be able to buy more comfortably a home in Colombia.
  • That purchase can become a source of income if, for example, the property is rented.
  • The house itself, for people who decide to return to Colombia, can also become the home to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

In any case, buying a home in Colombia today is a great opportunity. The window that has been opened, however, is not timeless. Government grants and subsidies will be provided until 2024, and the real estate market's own dynamics make it finite. The sooner you bet on this market much better to find the best opportunities.

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