Interview with Beatriz Muiños: Interior designer with Nordic and handmade soul


Today I have the pleasure of introducing myself (I have always wanted to say this) to another of those special people that I have proposed to bring you regularly, and who can bring value in some way to our life.

In this case it is about interior designer Beatriz Muiños, which I have the pleasure of knowing digitally since the two We collaborate as decorators on the Deco The Co platform.

There and on Instagram was where little by little I got to know his philosophy and his way of seeing life or at least, what he reflects in his profile, in his work, and I said, I have to present it in the blog.

Why? Well, because in addition to being a great professional dedicated body and soul to your work, because It puts a lot of effort in promoting and highlighting things made by hand, traditional and traditional, and in the value of people's work. It seems that every day is valued less, in addition to natural and beautiful things. All a charm, really.

Also, if you like Nordic decoration so cutting edge these days, she is an expert in this regard and gives us some very useful tips.

That said, here's the interview I did, so you can get to know her a little better.

Hi Beatriz, tell us a little about yourself. Introduce yourself, please.

Office of White and Wood

I am Beatriz Muiños, interior designer by profession and lover of details, photography, nature, fashion, children, respectful upbringing, handmade things and much more. of things that make my days need more than 24 hours.

Are you an interior designer? What other things do we not know about you, professionally speaking?

In addition to interior design, I love product design and furniture transformation. And thanks to the union of these worlds, the Blanco and wooden store was born.

One of the strengths of the store are the hand made products, are products made by craftsmen with golden hands. Most of them are also completely customized pieces, which adds an extra value to the decoration of each house.

So you have a store and a blog called Blanco y De Madera. What can we find there?

Blanco y de madera was born more than four years ago as a blog in which to share my ideas about decoration, DIY, shopping … Currently thanks to the web, I can show my services and projects and offer pieces of handicrafts in the store.

And speaking of blogs, besides yours, do you have someone else who likes or inspires you and who tries Nordic style? What blogger reading do not you lose?

I subscribe to the newsletter of the web and each time an email arrives from me it is a damned thing.

The truth is that I'm jumping from blog to blog because in the end I find interesting things.

Another source of almost daily consultation is Pinterest. That yes, I keep the boards ordered to slit table to not go crazy after every time I want to recover some idea: D

You also like artisanal and made by yourself very much. Tell me about that. Does it influence your projects? What does it give you? etc.

For me this is a very important part. As I told you, in the store we have a small section of hand-made products to which, little by little, new artisans are added. I think it's important to know the value and love behind each hand-made piece. <- Tweet this sentence.

As for the projects, I usually propose to my clients a simple piece or something they can do themselves and what they feel proud of. I like to propose that you dare to paint the furniture or to make a simple picture for example.

You are very linked to the Nordic decoration. As an interior designer, what jobs do you do? Do they ask you a lot for the Nordic style?

I am currently doing many online projects. Thanks to internet and mobile, we have the possibility of being "close" to everything, which gives us the opportunity to do projects anywhere in the world.

Project by Beatriz Muiños

Although it is true that many times I miss the human factor and have a conversation with customers while having a coffee because many times we talk so much, I would love to be able to face them and give them a couple of kisses.

My stamp on the projects is quite marked And although I do not just stick to the Nordic style, my designs they have in common the search for functionality and beauty. I use white as a base, but I add touches of color with textiles and small pieces of furniture.

It is also important to listen to each client, often we end up knowing their needs more than themselves and this is the only way to make the project perfect.

What makes you different from the rest? What is your hallmark?

This is a difficult question, but I think it could be the close deal I have with my clients. For me, each project is a new challenge and I take them all with the same enthusiasm that is maintained until they are completely finished.

I like to get inside the houses, meet all the members of the house and spend a little time talking with them. Also, I do not close options, in each project we see an infinity of distribution and furniture solutions, until we find the right combination. And of course once the project is delivered, they know that they can continue counting on me for changes and consultations.

I am sure that readers would like to know some tips to add a touch of Nordic style. Where can they start?

Beatriz Muiños Nordic Hall

It may seem that it has nothing to do with decoration or design, but if you want to make a change at home, especially to give it a Nordic feel, the first step will be the order.

We live surrounded by things and the worst thing is that many times we do not even notice. The order and non-saturation of space is very important, so Take some time to classify the things you have and undo (donate, giving or throwing), the things that you no longer use.

Now that you no longer have the weight of "things", take some time to assess your tastes and needs. Start by choosing a palette of colors that you feel comfortable with and above all, do not hurry. Enjoy the process and live every change you make.

And if they dare and want to transform their house but without getting rid of a lot of furniture or mounting a lot of "mess"? What advice would you give them?

First, do not panic. To give a new look to the home decoration it is not necessary to go crazy.

The painting has a magical power. You can keep that furniture you love and turn it into a new piece with a touch of color for example. Another option, for example, is to paper doors or paint only some areas of a large piece of furniture.

Also, relocating furniture can make the room look like another.

If a reader wants to hire your services or know more about you and your work, where can you do it?

You can find me on the web: or on my Instagram profile.

Something you want to add.

I think it's important that we can enjoy our house. To be comfortable in it and above all to be a space that represents us and in which we feel comfortable, it is vital to be a little happier.

Thanks Beatriz.

I found this woman most interesting, and you?

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