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Basic factor in the insurance marketing strategy is to start by knowing thea definition of Marketing Plan, which could be a document in which we define a summary of the analysis of the situation of our insurance company. Especially in what refers to what affects the marketing and which will detail the objectives and strategies that will be carried out by the intermediary, the SEO agency or our advertising and marketing staff, etc. The company specializes in SEO RANKTOP It gives us the keys to success and to that I add my own experience in the sector.

The final price of the policy is a basic point taken into account in the sale of insurance, it is very important. In the definition of the product, a part of what is going to be the premium can be defined, and we also have the technical and commercial discounts that it is authorized to apply in certain situations that will condition and much the sale of the insurance. The price is a fundamental value to design the marketing because it is one of the things that will most affect the sale.


It is essential that we know with what resources we have, both from the economic point of view and from the human point of view.

Market Analysis

Knowing what is in the market will give us the opportunity to compete.


Setting goals is going to be the only way to measure the results and examine if we are moving forward as we intend.

A Marketing Plan for the sale of insurance will provide us order and planning in our marketing actions. LTactics to develop clients with whom we used to work only a few years ago have ceased to be operative.

ANDl Inbound Marketing is here to stay.

This process begins with the creation of the image of your ideal User. ANDs a semi-false representation of your ideal clients, based on real demographic data, online behavior and with certain speculation about their personal backgrounds, motivations and concerns. The moment you have this image, we can begin to determine which tactics are going to have the most success with your audience.

Whether it's search engine optimization, social media, content marketing or a combination of all of the above, andl Buyer Person must be the lens through which each and every one of the strategic options is valued.

Your Site

The website of the insurance company is the axis through which each and every one of the digital marketing activities will flow. It goes without saying that it is essential that the Site has a modern appearance, that it is functional for the user and, as is natural, that it adapts to any electronic device.

Produce relevant traffic


The moment you have your site developed and optimized, and your weblog is updated with new information on a regular basis, it is essential that auxiliary tactics are used to generate traffic. And that's where it comes in Web positioning, Marketing in social networks and SEO companies, payment propaganda, and many more ..

One of the steps of the process that we see as essential, is to produce Leads, and for this we must refine the marketing process, with the purpose of producing high quality potentials for our sales team. It is, at the end, of the cOnversion of Leads in Sales. The final step in the sales funnel is to track potential customers, and if we have done an adequate marketing process, we will transform those occasions into sales. The follow-up and contact with these potential clients is an essential part of a vendor's work, especially when dealing with Company customers.

What is not measured does not exist

Analytical tools are required to measure each step of the process and determine its efficiency. The key indicators are the business metrics that help us keep track of goals and objectives and let the team determine if the marketing tactics used are working well.

They assure us in RANKTOP that, cAs in other segments, the insurance market undergoes a transformation driven by its public that becomes little by little more digital. For example in Brazil, twenty-one percent of people said they preferred digital interaction in insurance contracts. Therefore, the insurance broker must be up to date on how and when his brand is seen on the Internet and if it is reachable to this audience.

People need to feel that they do business with a company that really cares about their preferences. Hence, splitting customers is a good way to understand precisely the need of each of them, and offer specific products. There are sTo have efficient communication channels. In a digital environment where information is consulted and evaluated in seconds by its potential user, it is not a great idea to leave aside the relevance of how your brand looks on the Internet. Remember that little by little more traditional e mail communication tools are being overcome.

Naturally, technology has altered the way we relate and acquire things. Also insurance and various services. And the way of competition in the market. Your company can have any kind of information at hand. You should only check if you make good use of it. Do not forget that digital can bring you closer to your customers. Use the technology in your favor to facilitate the sales process. You have to use tools that improve the marketing of your company and that the commercial relationship is less intrusive and more authentic.

Inbound marketing methods in insurers

You have probably already heard something about inbound marketing. As I said before, it's about finding the prototype of the ideal client of our company, facilitating in this way the way to locate it. The more information we have about him, the simpler this work will be.

Marketing automation

With the use of convenient software, the automation of automatic e-mail replies facilitates our work of having to give the ideal message to the precise receiver. PWe can assert that the strategies of insurance companies to build loyalty and expand clients are based on values โ€‹โ€‹of transparency in information and confidence in their recipients.

Content marketing improves SEO positioning and visibility of the web. Insurance companies work in a very competitive field. Both offline and on-line. Added to this are the violent campaigns in costs that certain insurance companies are doing, which makes the competition in the field even wilder. If you want to highlight in the searches that users make in the network about insurance, it is essential that your company appears in the first situations.

Increase the qualified visits received by the website. Many are the users who go in search of the best insurance, and at the same time the cheapest one.


Define who are the buyers of your insurance company, while there may be more than one person involved in contracting insurance. Meditate on those different roles. In addition to this, possibly if you have different types of insurance you also have multiple sets of buyer or ideal customer. For serving as an example, driver of a new vehicle, family for home insurance, athletes … It is essential that you define your products well and to which public they will be directed.

You have to define the content for the insurer's weblog so that we can carry out the ideal content marketing. Make a brainstorm on the topics that can move your readers and are related to your area. Remember that it is essential to offer content that is of interest to users and to avoid purely commercial content.


Prepare downloadable content in exchange for subscriptions, so you can enrich your database. These contents can be ebooks, templates, infographics, and so on. To serve as an example, a good content would be the steps to get in touch with the insurance company. Create landing pages and call-to-action to direct users to the content that interests you and you can, in this way, get information from them for your database with form fields. Always watch that all the steps in this sense are adapted to the data protection laws.


Lead nurturing

It is an automated process to send content that allows the user to advance their purchase. It has to be information that we know will be useful due to the discharges it makes and the phase in which it is.

Lead scoring

It is an automated lead rating system according to the level of user interaction with our brand.

Closing and loyalty

The last phase may turn out to be the most important of all, because if all the others have not been properly followed, the efficiency of our insurance marketing will probably be lost.

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