INFORMATICA: Headphones for iPhone JBL Roxy 430


The JBL Roxy headphones are designed to unite the most surfer spirit with the aesthetic inspiration of the most mountaineers. Direct heirs of the legendary Roxy design and high-quality sound technology from JBL. With these if you take your music to any part of the globe without the slightest inconvenience and with spectacular sound quality. And in this blog we only dare to advise you the best of each house.

A true ace of portability, extremely immune to external noise, with headphones of extraordinary performance, while comfortable, beautiful and elegant. Roxy headphones also stand out for their youthful and casual design. You have them available in various colors, they are compatible with iPod, MP3 and CD / DVD players. They have a great bass response and include a beautiful carrying case. Want to know more ?: YOU HAVE THEM AT THE BEST PRICE HERE

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