Improvements will be made in 54 rural aqueducts of Caldas


The Governorate of Caldas informed that the act of initiation for the improvement and optimization works of the potable water system in 21 municipalities of the department was signed to comply with the program limpia Clean water and sanitation ’, one of those enrolled in the development plan.

The event took place in the office of the Ministry of Housing and was attended by the Secretary, María Zulay León Álzate, a technical team of the PDA and contractors of the project.

After the technical diagnoses were carried out, populations where risk was most imminent and required prompt attention were prioritized. Interventions will be done in groups as follows:

East Zone
Contractor: Isaías Vargas González.

Manzanares: Santa Clara, Aguabonita.
Marquetalia: Encimadas, Santa Elena-Guacas, La Parda.
Pennsylvania: Bolivia, Aurora Alta, Villaras Alto.
Samaná: Florence.
Victoria: Italy-Canaveral, Santa Isabel, Canaan, Isaza.

West Zone
Contractor: Isaías Vargas González.

Anserma: Maraprá, Palo Blanco.
Belalcázar: La Zainera, Betulia, La Tuquesa, Alto Bonito.
Riosucio: Andrés Paneso.
Risaralda: Soria.
San José: The Forest.
I knew: Chest, Single Palm, Mudarra-Grinder Heel, Wide Leaves.
Viterbo: Changui, Granadillo, El Porvenir, Bellavista, El Socorro, Canaan.

North Zone
Contractor: Marin Active Consortium 2019

Aguadas: Inn.
Aranzazu: San Rafael, Muelas – Buenos Aires.
Philadelphia: Samaria, Maiba, Santa Rita, El Verso, San Luis.
Pácora: Coles.
Salamis: El Tigre, Guaymaral, Canaveral, La Loma.

South Central Zone
Contractor: Marin Active Consortium 2019.

Chinchiná: Totumos-Berlin, Alto Chuscal.
Manizales: Maracas, Pueblo Hondo, Buenavista.
Neira: Alto Pandeazucar, Pueblo Rico.
Villamaría: San Julián, Rincón Santo.

54 village aqueducts of 21 Municipality of Caldas will be intervened.

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