Important points to consider before buying a drone


The popularity of drones has reached such a point that many people have already included it among their common objects as if they were tablets or cameras. These small quadrocopters radio-controlled by a pilot who guides them at a distance, are currently used both in professional, civil and military environments, as well as in leisure and tourism. But why have they become so popular? This publication describes some details.

What is the purpose of a drone?

They are mainly used to take photographs or record communication videos from unusual angles and heights. In a strictly professional way, drones are also used to control an emergency or dangerous situation directly and remotely.

Purpose of a drone

They are very useful for topographic applications, mapping, contours and digital surface models. Simply adapt the payload capacity so that other growing sectors are also interested, such as agriculture and the environment, for example.

The market will really explode when the construction industry uses it daily for the inspection of large structures. Beyond these common uses, the different uses of professional drones they are unlimited because they cover the fields of photography, video and transport.

Features to consider


This is the main factor to consider when buying any of This teams. In the market there are both high-end models, special for professionals, as basic models for beginners.

Cheap drones generally have more difficulty flying, unlike the more expensive ones, which thanks to their design, advanced sensors and powerful propellers, they perform in an impressive way.

Before making the purchase, it is recommended to check the different offers that exist through the internet, among others, and compare prices. Also some stores They offer discounts for the purchase of the drone with other accessories included.

Low budget models usually present logical problems as a short battery life, with limited functionality. While the most expensive equipment offers incredible results on every flight and are more durable.

Flight autonomy

It is necessary to know how long a drone can last in the air with a single charge. Some come with rechargeable batteries and others offer users replacement options that can be used during emergency hours.

It is essential to provide a powerful backup battery if the drone needs to be used for photographic purposes. The majority they have an estimated time between 45 and 90 minutes for a full charge and the minimum flight time is 10 to 12 minutes.

Tricks and continuous loops while using the device reduce flight time and cause them to lose power. Battery size, charging capacity and many other factors, can also affect the times of use.

Photographic camera

Almost all quadcopters have the possibility of carrying a recording camera that can capture different angles from the air. In fact, Currently drones are widely used in television and film studios. to record high quality action scenes.

Some are sold with pre-assembled and HD cameras, while others can be supplied with specific media. UAVs with GPS can help users to capture still images or videos with active location information.


Each drone it has a controller that works like the brain of the whole system. It helps to transfer incoming commands to the helicopter during the flight. UAV controllers generally operate in a frequency range of 2.4 GHz.

This frequency range is standard for all UAV designs that They are used for commercial and entertainment applications. Buyers are advised to check the characteristics and specifications of the drones before placing an order, as there is a wide range that can be accessed with different designs.

Some devices are designed with buttons on the body, while others may have an LCD screen for control management. The controller works as a central unit in all cases.


Cheap unmanned quadcopters do not have sensors or may have only a few. On the other hand, If you buy an expensive model, you will have many advanced sensors. Some of the most popular sensors are GPS and temperature.

Devices with GPS enabled they can move through specific locations as set in the programming controls. It is possible to adjust the longitude and latitude values ​​of the device, so that it can only travel in a predefined direction.

An advanced quadcopter called DJI Phantom has a backspace function that allows you to return to the starting location when users press the home or home button.

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