Importance of email marketing automation in companies


Importance of email marketing automation in companies

Competitiveness begins by knowing the importance of implementing email marketing automation strategies in companies. Knowing and knowing how to handle terms such as sales funnel, workflows etc. can help us solve problems that would otherwise be too complex to correct.

In an environment like today more and more online, more in the cloud, we must adapt to the changes, globalize and accept the digitalization of our processes as a previous step to the competitiveness of companies if we want to survive in our sector. Internet is an infinite universe and if we are not in it with guarantees, we better stay at home and see how it passes by

What is marketing automation?

It is a methodology that through different software platforms (automation marketing platform) We manage to automate the different repetitive phases of marketing that designates the completion in the sale of a product of our company. Using for it scenarios and workflows that produce certain actions such as sending an email. So the best way to successfully complete our sale is to improve the sales processes between the different departments of our company so that the customer is definitely ours, what we would call a Lead.

To better understand our customers and thus select our best strategic marketing plan, automation tools are designed to:

  • Develop and analyze campaigns and our customers
  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • Organize and store all information
  • Create customer contact flow to loyal customer

What is a workflow?

Are workflows, is the automation of tasks of a company leaving all the processes included in a hierarchical order in order to:

  • Improve inter-departmental communications
  • Understandably assign the work of each department
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Optimize the flow of information
  • Improve decision making
  • Get a sense of belonging to a group

What is sales funnel?

It is the way we have planned as a company to capture a client, planning is the process from when the client contacts the company until the sale is closed, this is called sales funnel or funnel and it is in this funnel where we must determine which part is failing to get our Lead. These are its phases:

  • Phase 1, Contact. It is the first contact of the Lead, you register, you ask us, you are interested in an article …
  • Phase 2, classification. It correctly identifies and classifies the Lead
  • Phase 3, opportunity. In this phase we carry out the work of the first phase, solve a doubt, expand information …
  • Phase 4, commercial. At this stage we can already offer Lead our service based on the interest shown in the consultation and after analyzing the opportunity
  • Phase 5, closing. The last phase of sales funnel. After closing possible negotiation and the Lead Accept the purchase of the product offered

Email marketing automation

What do we automate?

  • Segmentation of contacts to classify them according to several factors
  • Sending emails triggered by a set of conditions
  • Rate the customers of a bbdd based on their degree of proximity to our ideal client, called Lead scoring
  • Feed content of interest to the customer in their purchase process until it becomes an end customer, Lead nurturing

It is about creating an action in response to user behavior, an automatic response itself.

How does email marketing automation work?

After creating a workflow with different conditions we are waiting for a user to perform an action that triggers the appropriate scenario. To give a more understandable example for users less familiar with these terms, I will put a simple sample so that their reading is not so abstract.

Let's say that I am already a registered Amazon user and performing a search within the portal, I add certain items to my cart with the aim of having them there, not buying them immediately. Within this scenario of Amazon, we trigger the sending of an email to our email account with articles related to what we have just introduced in the cart or an extension of their information, on the same day or the next day, ¡ test it!

Another simpler example, related to social networks. We sign up for one of the existing platforms to automate responses. We have our Twitter account and when a user follows us, they automatically receive a predetermined private message (what we would call a logical connector, if-them) welcoming them and hoping they like our time-line very much.

Other types of examples of emails for marketing automation would be a client's birthday, if you have not connected to our site for a while, if you have not made purchases etc for more than 1 year …

Benefits of email marketing automation

The automation of marketing processes can bring us, among other benefits:

Cost reduction, since we get customers at lower cost
Improve the management of future customers
Avoid losing sales opportunities
Billing improvement based on coordinated relationships with other departments
Improve productivity, save time

It is of vital importance, especially when we grow up, to implant somehow, to a greater or lesser extent, some type of email marketing automation to our lives. It will leave us more free time for other tasks, allow us to have more contact with our customers and ultimately we will be more efficient. If you need more information you can stop by MDirector.

Importance of email marketing automation in companies

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