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IKEA has already unveiled its new 2019 collection, its new catalog began to be distributed on September 30, 2018 and has already reached all the houses in Spain, we have made a list of the most outstanding and beautiful items that you can find there to decorate your home, we hope you like what we have chosen.

IKEA 2019 catalog

IKEA has already celebrated its 75 years and did it in the best vintage style in its IKEA 2019 catalog. It reminds us of the times of 50-60, 70-80 and 90, our favorite items are the ones that we are going to leave you next, we hope not You can leave your opinion as we are always willing to read your comments.

  • The color accessories of pastel pink and white They are the most used by in the 2019 IKEA catalog.

ikea 2019

  • The accessories in Golden colour They never go out of style and this year they continue giving what to talk about.
  • Can never be missing a showcase which serves to store many things and decorate at the same time, that is why the famous FABRIKÖR showcase could not be missing in white.
  • Poufs called SANDARED in seasonal colors that are a gray, beige and dark blue They leave us with their mouths open!
  • Vases stand out if you like flowers and glass rooms are a good option to place lavender flowers or ears of wheat, you will find the PEPPARKORN vase at a super price.
  • A bookstore can not be missed and less if it is made of solid pine, it is ideal for decorating a room with deco accessories and small books.
  • A lamp and some cushions to spend a good afternoon meditating or reading will create a perfect corner in your home.

new ikea catalog 2019

  • A beautiful rattan basket cannot be missed, with its vintage design and circular shape it is a special accessory.
  • A good armchair in gray tone will give elegance and comfort to your home dark tones will never go out of style.
  • The chaise longue is a piece of furniture for the whole family in blue and L-shaped make it a perfect piece for an afternoon of family cinema.
  • If you like prints, the three-seater STOCKSUND sofa will look sophisticated and elegant, because Pictures will never go out of style.
  • The light blue helps us to be relaxed so the cushions confused in this color will combine perfectly.
  • Green velvet is something that causes sensation, it is good for a reading site that invites us to relax.
  • Wood and neutral tones are special for baths, they invite you to relax and if you put some Zen-style flowers, you will feel wonderful.
  • The kitchen can not be left behind, an immune turquoise gray wooden countertop gives an elegant, warm and modern touch.

You can see the full IKEA 2019 catalog from the following link. See IKEA catalog 2019

You can download the complete IKEA 2019 catalog at the following link. Download IKEA 2019 catalog.

IKEA rooms 2019

We hope you liked this little list of furniture and objects for the house that we found most beautiful in this catalog. Give us your opinion about it and help us share this article.

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