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Have not you ever wondered how you derive traffic to your website with a blog? Or how do you get people to stay on your website? The answer is to publish good posts.

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How to publish good posts without dying in the attempt?

I promise you that although keep a blog can be a real pain in the ass, if you get it right you'll see how the efforts are worth it. I really mean it. For do good posts you have to distinguish three, say, stages: before, during and after to make the publication of your posts.

Before publishing your posts

For post good posts You have to do something that may seem very obvious, especially if you dedicate yourself to writing and writing for others. Before publishing, you need Write your texts and optimize them for SEO.


When you have a blog, often you do not write thinking about what others want to know, but what you want to share from your experience. As a blogger, It can be difficult to focus on SEO, since you often write from your experience and are more focused on entertaining than on informing. I, in particular, always have in my list of tasks of Google all those subjects that I believe that they can regulate well and that they can interest.

To publish good posts, research and search for good keywords

After choosing a theme, it is important to see if you are writing to entertain or to add value to your community. Even if you do it for fun, try to add value. For that, the key is in Build your posts based on a good keyword search.

Contents and tone of voice

If you are one of those who are always postponing publishing good posts, let me tell you that the moment has arrived. Sometimes I make the mistake of looking for my keywords, but to position well in search engines this is fundamental. If you optimize after publishing, it can be more fun.

It is important that when writing a post you make sure that the tone of voice that you use is the same one that you use in your blog, in the rest of your posts. If you have an informal style of your own and your community knows it, follow that line. Or what is the same, create your personal brand and stay true to it.

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Some content prefer to have the photos and images before having their posts, but others, like me, prefer write first and then look for the picture that suits you (in my case, because I never know how a post will end). It does not matter if you use photos of banks or if you do them, the thing is that they are recognizable, and that they can be shared on social networks, of course.

Texts for social networks

You can always choose a different photo for each social network if you want, and also a text in the different states. In these texts you must adapt to the style of each of the platforms.

Right after posting good posts

Most people think that the job ends when you click the "publish" button, and nothing is further from the truth. That is only the first step. If you want to get visitors, you can not sit idly by waiting for them to come to you by magic.

Share your posts on social networks

Social networks are made to interact with users. People like to be in contact, talk and share experiences, not click on a link and that's it. If you have a community and you are active, it is mandatory that you contribute value, and that in your blog you can post good posts and share them on your channels. In addition, you can use any tool such as Buffer, which I love, to program on different social platforms.

I, as you know, I am totally a believer in social networks to interact with my community and to send you each of the articles I write, of course, as long as I am sure that I add value.

Do not forget the internal links

Having a website with a good structure is very important, and internal links They give search engines clues about what is most important in yours. Doing internal linking is important.

It is very possible that as you are writing the same text, it tells you which pages to link to. Choose well which are the pages to which your keywords should point and give it a go.

And a time after posting good posts? What do we do?

Well after posting good posts you have a lot of work to do. The work has not finished. Absolutely. You always can go back to review everything done and do new things: newsletters, re-use the content converting it into other formats and, naturally, re-share them. So, a boat soon.

Email marketing to get your posts to others

Surely you have ever received an email with information about a study, a report or even with the publication of a new post on a blog to which you are subscribed. If others do it, why are not you going to do it? All you have to do is design a good newsletter and send it to all the users of your database.

Keep in touch with your community through social networks

I always say that the ideal is to create evergreen contents, that is to say, that they are timeless and that you can share in social networks, even if you have written it three years ago. In this way, you can always edit them and make them valid. In addition, Social Media is an environment in which the validity of information is scarce, and that is why you have to share it more than once and twice.

Measure how your post has worked

Actually, this you can do two days after posting good posts or three months then, in fact, it's good that you do it both times. You can find out the performance of your articles using Google Analytics, a very complete tool to know, for example, what are the topics and posts that most interest your community.

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