If you are an empath, here is how you can protect yourself while you sleep


The night is dark, with stormy clouds over us. The Sun continues to decrease in size, and as the boundaries between the material and the spiritual world decrease, the spirits move freely.

But this is not unique. We face this every year at this time. However, for empaths and healers, this is a point where self-care takes first place.

Humans are more in tune with the spiritual world at this point, and we are able to connect more freely with the myriad energies that cross the borders between Earth and the spiritual world.

We are suffering fear, devastation, cataclysmic catastrophes and a general feeling of discontent. These may not take place in your area of ​​the world, but still manage to affect you.

As a healer, it is your duty to help people when they are suffering, and as empathic, you cannot ignore the cries and pleas for help.

protect yourself while you sleep

But before you go out to the battlefield and fight, you have to take care of yourself. You need to make sure that you as a person can deal with the pain this may cause.

Although cleaning and shielding of energy is a necessity, that is not all. Humans are more susceptible while sleeping to the many energy vibrations that occur throughout the body.

When you are asleep, you can be visited by like-minded or evil spirits, which can result in you having

  1. Sleep disturbance
  2. Dark dreams
  3. Tiring and irregular sleep
  4. Terrified by panic when the night is young
  5. Constantly plagued with problems
  6. Feel the cumulative fears of everyone around you
  7. Feel suffocated while sleeping

To help with all this, you can

Power clearance

The more energy they clear, the more harmful and low vibrations would be altered simply because the energy level is higher.

Your own energy approval

Different from the above, because here you are cleansing yourself of evil energy. Because, if they are filled with the rubble of forgotten and evil energy, their dream would be irregular.

Moonstone Necklace

Such a collar will prevent you from having dark thoughts while you sleep. Because this necklace channels the energy of the lunar goddesses and creates a distraction of light in the midst of total darkness.

Meditation, with the soul as the center

This means that you need to focus your soul in your center, so that it is anchored to your center, preventing it from making astral projections during sleep.


The crystals can help ground the energy. Put red blood cells under your feet, which will help your energy and anchor it in space. Also, you could put selenite under your pillow that would raise energy levels and prevent negative energy from entering.

Essential oils

Use essential oils such as citrus, cedar, lavender, rose, geranium, etc., before bedtime.


Always have a prayer at hand and believe in what you are saying. Because the more authoritative his voice, the more they can affirm to the superior angels that their dream is going to be totally safe.

Dark times are coming, be careful!

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