Ideas to give to your best friend


Do you have trouble deciding what gift to give your best friend, your sister or even your mother? Don't you know what to give him? Are you afraid of not getting it right? The option of jewelry gift for birthday or special dates can be a great success, since most women like to wear jewelry daily, either, from earrings, a bracelet to a pendant.

Normally we usually choose the jewels by how they identify us, by what they reflect or by the sentimental value they can bring us. For example, I really like big and striking earrings, this is because I don't like to go unnoticed, although occasionally I recognize that I bet on minimalist and simple jewels such as circles that are more versatile and can be combined with any look , according to all seasons.

On special occasions, for events or any BBC event (weddings – baptisms – communions) it is normal that we have doubts when combining the accessories with a formal look, so we can choose some silver climbers They always look good with everything.

To give a jewel is to give quality, be it silver or gold, it is an accessory that will last over the years, which is what we want to achieve when we give a jewel, that the person carries it with them for a long time.

Silver necklaces with minimalist designs are among the favorites category, in view of the great variety that can be seen in the main stores in Madrid. There are many pieces that have marked trends, therefore, it is appropriate to review the catalogs available in the different online stores.

Silver necklaces and bracelets are a good option to get a current look without spending too much money. This is one of the advantages of buying silver jewelry online.

Some of the jewels that set the trend are:

  • Hanging with moon, world map or tree of life.
  • Infinity bracelets, moon, circle or tree of life.

For example, the world map pendant is an original pendant and is perfect for lovers and travelers around the world. And the pendant or bracelet with the tree of life is one of the most represented mystical and enigmatic symbols in the different mythologies of the world. It represents strong roots, constant growth and realization.

And you, do you like what they give you jewelry?

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