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Congratulations! A year ago your fatherhood and of course your baby. It's time to celebrate a great party! You probably never thought that this day would come, but here it is at all costs: your little one's first birthday is coming. It may have seemed like the longest year of your life or the fastest, and most likely not, a combination of the two, but in any case the day is finally approaching. And now that it is, you may need some Ideas to celebrate your baby's first birthday.

Your baby's first birthday

Ideas to celebrate your baby's first birthday

From ordering the cake (very important) to the decorations, you have to think about everything you might need for your baby's first birthday party, like these original baby gifts. First, you will want to decide what kind of celebration you want to organize.

Will you have a party with family and friends or do you want to have a more discreet party?

You can choose to buy a special outfit for your baby to celebrate and wrap a special gift for your baby to unwrap (although he will probably prefer wrapping paper, a classic).

And, of course, you will have to commemorate the day with many photos, because your baby's first birthday only comes once in a lifetime.

Big time!

Some parents start planning their child's birthday party before they arrive.

If you have a Pinterest board dedicated to party themes, I'm sure there are family and friends eager and willing to help make the day special, and set a budget that allows you to enjoy in detail, organizing this great birthday party as if out for you

When planning, be sure to keep in mind that your child may not remember the day and work hard to plan something he or she can enjoy. Be sure to take into account your child's nap schedule, provide food that your child can enjoy and leave a room or space in your home without decoration and be quiet in case your little one feels overwhelmed and needs a private retreat.

Ideas to celebrate your baby's first birthday

In small committee

If the idea of ​​not organizing a party for your little one saddens you, but the idea of ​​organizing a party in a big way makes you anxious, you could hold a small informal party for your little one's first birthday. Invite only your family and closest friends, ask for a cake and some lights decorations (three balloons and a party hat should be enough!), And organize a wonderful and quiet first birthday celebration that will be worth remembering.

Planning a special day

Some parents are not very festive. As your child gets older, they may express interest in a more traditional party, but until then, feel free to skip balloons and cake and plan a special day for the family.

Is there an animal enclosure or park near your house that you really want to visit? An indoor play space that your little one would love to explore? A walk that can end in a cove and a bath?

Take advantage of the moment of your child's first birthday to share an experience with them so that you can enjoy it together, as parents, you will appreciate the memories of that activity. Having a quiet family day is also ideal for nostalgic parents who will probably spend the day happy and sad at the same time, because their baby is already growing.

A photo session

Whether you plan to have a party or not, most parents want to remember this special moment of their baby's life. As your little one's first birthday approaches, you should consider reserving a photo session for the first birthday or, if you are familiar with the camera, make your one.

Many photographers now offer sessions with pastry or other sessions with birthday themes, and you can usually find an affordable photographer by asking for recommendations from the group of mothers or fathers in your locality on Facebook.

Celebrate your first year of fatherhood

Celebrate YOU!

While your baby is likely to be the center of attention on your birthday, make sure you plan the time to recognize yourself and your partner for all you have done during the past year.

Surprisingly, you have completely and completely shaken the first year of your little one's life and, although it does not look like it now (especially if you are not yet sleeping or if your little one has recently developed some challenging behaviors) they deserve to be celebrated.

Take an hour (or a day) for yourself and do whatever rejuvenates you.

After all, you have 17 more birthdays to plan before your little one leaves home!

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Make the right decision for you

There is no wrong or correct way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. These are our ideas to celebrate your baby's first birthday. Whether you choose to launch an elaborate extravaganza, do it simple, honor your little one in a way that is meaningful to you, one thing is for sure: it will be a birthday to remember.

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