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For some time now we have not talked about fashion and it can not be. More time ago, still, we do not talk about fashion for those invited to a wedding or other social event such as baptism or communion or request. Today we wanted to stop spending time and we have put hands to work. Today's post is dedicated to the guests of a winter wedding, either day or night. Therefore, we are not going to focus on what the protocol marks or stops marking. Also thinking about the cost of January we will not show you unpayable dresses, we have wanted to think in all pockets and economies.

I did not want to tell you about a specific brand, since I have thought more about generality. That is, save you time to go from one website to another … thought that a fashion platform would be more practical, would bring many styles, many prices and offers many more alternatives at a glance. We go that the time is gold and touches to economize in many senses.

Focusing on women's dresses for an event such as a wedding, we have to focus on being suitable for the event since it is not the same thing that is celebrated in the field as in a great cathedral and the most important thing is to feel good with us that we do not see that we are disguised Then, I would allocate a budget according to our economy for the whole look, whether it's the dress, shoes, jewelry, bag, make-up, hairdressing … because if we can not get out of hand.

I leave some of our proposals:

To get to be the perfect guest does not take much. I think the really important thing is that you look good to yourselves. But if you want to take a look at the look of a guest who left me blown away, click on the link and do not miss it.

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