How to Remove Plantar Warts Naturally?


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Have you noticed that the soles of your feet are being invaded by warts? Surely they are causing discomfort in your feet, besides the aesthetic, it must be very annoying when you literally crush them when walking.

Although, many people have commented that they do not feel any pain, others, on the contrary, feel discomfort when walking, but this basically depends on several factors that we will mention during the article.

The important thing is to know, that you can always find options to get rid of them, and the best, among the options there are some that are 100% natural.

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts
Plantar warts

They are infections caused by a virus that is already well known worldwide, it is HPV or human papilloma virus, strains of this virus are installed in the dermis and epidermis, and how to differentiate a wart caused by human papilloma to other than not, it is the shape that they take, it seems as if it were the head of a cauliflower, the size can vary.

There is a great diversity of the virus, but some of the strains are considered as high risk, for example, types 16 and 18 that usually cause cervical cancer in women.

Plantar warts are caused by subtypes 1 and 2, these warts have a callus species and the color is usually dark which is due to the blood vessels have coagulated.

It is important to mention that these warts have their growth inwards.

Why leave the plantar warts?

Because it is a virus, the plantar warts are acquired by contagion, that is, if you are one of the people who walk barefoot in areas of high risk of infection such as swimming pools, public showers, spas, in fact, any place that be traveled by barefoot people, is a site that can be of direct contagion.

In addition to these areas of contagion, there are some other factors that could be of high risk for contagion, for example:

  • Sharing shoes without using some kind of protection (socks)
  • Do not moisturize the feet with any moisturizer to avoid chafing or cuts of the skin of the feet
  • Being poorly fed what will lower your defenses and expose you to the most secure contagion

In some occasions, the plantar warts usually retreat by themselves, but it does not always happen, there are occasions when they grow and spread causing in the patients a lot of discomfort and pain.

Plantar warts can be confused with other similar skin conditions, such as acanthosis and helomas, so visiting a specialist is the best option to have an accurate diagnosis and then be able to make an effective treatment.

Treatments for plantar warts

Conventional medical treatments are already known surgery, also what they do is cauterize through acids, which have a certain concentration and then applied to warts for the process of cauterization (burn).

There is also treatment for plantar warts by laser cauterization, also with cryotherapy which is the freezing of the wart through liquid nitrogen which is a bit painful at times.

Unfortunately, each treatment does not ensure that they do not come back, that is, they will always return, conventional treatments are temporary and in a short time you will have to return to the doctor to perform the same operation over and over again.

What is very important is that it be diagnosed in time, to prevent the plantar warts from developing in such a way that they can cause many health problems.

Also, of course, there are natural treatments, which to be honest are currently leaving better results than conventional treatments, here we are going to share with you some of the most effective natural treatments for plantar warts and with much more lasting effects.


This plant as we know is great to relieve and cure many diseases of our body, including plantar warts, so, you just have to open a stalk of aloe and remove the peel, what is needed is the gel, apply Directly to the plantar wart and covered with a small adhesive cloth.

Apply several times a day and check until you notice that the wart dries, being a natural process, it will take a little more time, but the effect will be much more lasting.

Green Clay and Tea Tree Essence

The green clay should be placed on the plantar wart, and once it dries well, it should be rinsed with clean water and dried very well, then place about 3 drops of tea tree essence, this time we will avoid covering the wart, it is It is necessary that it be left uncovered.

Celandine and Apple Vinegar

You must get roots of the plant and when you have enough, it is marinated with apple cider vinegar, this should take about ten days, once those days have passed, you can use the macerated mixture, you should Apply 3 times a day directly to the plantar wart, if you can use a cotton swab or a brush it is better.

It is sought to completely soak the plantar wart with this macerated, it is recommended to do when you do not have to leave so you can leave the foot free without covering with footwear or socks, stockings, etc.

The treatment should continue until the wart disappears and the macerate should be kept in a clean, dry and especially fresh place, not in refrigeration.

Fig tree

We are going to use of this plant or fig tree, the whitish liquid that comes out when the crust is split, but what is very important is that the liquid is placed immediately after the crust is split and the liquid comes out.

It is also applied during the time that the wart is visible, a recommendation is to use the liquid from the plant when the fruits are still green.

Remember that natural treatments are effective, but you have to apply them for a little longer and make sure they are done as directed.

How to Remove Plantar Warts Naturally?

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