How to position my website in the first places of Google


You will only make your web project start to be profitable in the event that you achieve the coveted first positions of Google … and we assure you that it will not be easy.

It does not matter if you have a blog, an online store, an eCommerce, or any other type of idea. We all look for the same, but only a few get it.

A seo agency can help you with it: The Seo consultants They are experts in this world, authentic professionals who know what works, and what is no longer useful. They are in tune with the trends, guiding your project towards the right path and able to identify the most serious errors so that we can avoid them.

Without further ado, we reveal the maxims for position with Google.

How to get my website to reach the top positions of Google?

Study of keywords -> Keyword Research

It is not enough to propose to be in the first positions, but you will have to look for keywords with which we want to appear.

Experts recommend working with microniches, which are no more than specific topics, with a very high level of search.

Tools like Semrush, Sistrix or Ahrefs they make it easy for us to find the relevance of a keyword in relation to the difficulty of being able to position it.

Friendly URLs

When we have already thought about the keywords that we are going to use to appear in Google, it will be a matter of writing quality, useful, entertaining content that is of interest to the potential reader.

The interesting thing would be to choose a topic that we can write fluently, and not as if it were an obligation. If you like the theme, it will be noticed in the expression and you will be able to connect better with the user.

The URLs in which we will place the content should be friendly, short, and with relevant keywords that help the positioning of the site. Eliminate any article, preposition or words that do not make much sense there.

Optimization of website tags

  • Meta Title: It is the label that gives shape to the title of your site, the first thing that will be displayed in Google about it and, as is logical, should include the general keyword.
  • Meta description: A short text that aims to draw attention and increase the CTR.

Writing quality content

These are some of the keys that we will follow to write Quality content:

-Present attention to the title (h1) + subtitles (h2), (h3)

-Repeat the keyword, but logically and without going over.

-Structure the text with paragraphs, lines and everything you need.

– Add styles -> bold, styles, italics.

-Add images, videos and some other visual element.

Consider hiring an SEO agency

Any error can lead to a penalty of Google and throwing all your work by land. Taking into account that the web positioning prices They are not too high, it may be worth it to hire an SEO agency.

Starting with these steps, you will go on the right path to the first positions.

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