How to Optimize Windows 10 to the Maximum on a Computer


Is your computer going slow? Thanks to these tricks and applications you can optimize Windows 10 to the maximum on any computer and make it go faster.

In this way, you will make your computer boot faster and system processes run more efficiently.

You will save time and your computer will notice it, being able to work and execute tasks faster.

And all thanks to a series of tricks and applications that will make your computer go much faster of what he already does.

If you want to know what methods you should use to optimize Windows, keep reading the article you have below.

How to Improve Windows 10 Performance

I know, it's not nice to be working, playing or just surfing the internet with a computer that is too slow.

In many cases it is even desperate to have to wait for the operating system and your computer to finish executing tasks, especially at the beginning.

Moment in which the mouse pointer turns into a clock and the hard disk begins to sound it makes anyone crazy.

For this reason, I will detail some tips to improve the performance of your computer and accelerate its operation or that of Windows 10.

And I assume that you use Windows 10 because if you are using an older version of the Microsoft operating system you should change now.

Quick Start in Windows 10

Of the things that we want to turn on a computer is that it starts fast and be available for use in the shortest possible time.

Windows 10 has a quick start utility of the operating system that will save us a few minutes at startup.

If you do not have this option activated, it is already taking time to do so.

Windows 10 quick start when you turn on your computer
Windows 10 quick start

Access the Windows 10 system settings, from the Start button.

1️⃣ Click on the option Home / Shutdown and Suspension.

New options will appear on the right side of the screen.

2️⃣ Click on the Additional Power Configuration Option.

In the new screen that appears, you have to click on Choose the start / off button behavior.

After this, a new screen will appear where you have the option to Enable Windows 10 Quick Start.

Expand the RAM of a Computer

Other measures that you can assess for optimize Windows 10 to the fullest It is to expand the RAM of the computer.

The RAM is the one that uses the different programs that run on your computer, the more memory, the less time the programs will take.

For expand RAM It is necessary that you consult the instruction manual of your motherboard.

Since it doesn't work with any type of memory, you need to know what model of RAM modules you need and the compatibility with your processor.

Disable startup programs in Windows

Windows 10 automatically runs a series of programs when it starts.

It's also possible that many of the programs you have installed start automatically when the operating system loads.

In the same way it happens with many of the Windows applications installed on your computer that usually synchronize automatically.

This means that the computer takes its time until it is fully operational and available.

It is possible to disable the automatic start of programs in Windows 10, so your computer will load the operating system faster.

Disable automatic updates in Windows 10

I do not want to say that you do not update your version of Windows 10, on the contrary, it is advisable to always have the system updated.

Only, and it is a recommendation, check the system updates manually.

Windows 10 always performs background checks for possible updates.

Many times, those checks they consume system resources and slow down the full load of the operating system.

You just have to access the advanced options of Windows Update and Security.

Disable automatic updates in Windows 10
Disable Automatic Updates

✅ You just have to deactivate the options to receive updates for other Microsoft products.

These are some of the tricks you can use to optimize Windows 10 to the fullest and make your computer go faster.

Remember that it is always recommended have updated drivers and program you use on your computer.

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