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The style of vintage decoration is still carried a lot in wedding. This is because a beautiful and elegant style, which denotes love for tradition and ancient objects and, in addition, can be mixed with other styles and give it a rustic, modernist, bohemian, chic or whatever you like. It is also a type of wedding decoration that is very given to perform DIY projects restoring old objects, which can then serve as decoration at home or to give to a family member or loved one. Today we are going to tell you how to make vintage centerpieces with restored and decorated antique vases and so, the lounge and the tables of the treat have a unique appearance.

Visit an antique shops and stallsPost antiques

The first thing you have to do is visit stores second hand, go to Street markets type El Rastro or Els Encants, even fairs in the villages, and look for the positions that there are with old objects. There it is quite easy that you find all kinds of vases, vessels, teapots, amphorae and other metal objects at a good price. They can be brass, silver, copper, bronze and other types of metals. You can also take a look at Milanuncios or Todocolección, since there is usually a lot of variety at a good price.

Restore Vases

Surely, if the vases are unrestored, they are much cheaper, so come to mind if there are going to be many tables on your link. To restore them, if they are broken, you first have to Weld with a welder and tin solder paste those parts that are detached, like the handles, the bases or brackets or some decorative pieces.Fix antique silver vase

Then, we have to clean either the metal with a dishwasher or with the most suitable product according to the vase and polish it so that it recovers its original brightness, as we see in the following image.

Polish antique silver vase

Decorate the vases

Vintage centerpieces with antique metal vases 2

Once you have restored the vases, amphorae, teapots or coffee serving games, it is time to decorate them. If you want a simple centerpiece, the best thing you can do is add a nice and discreet bouquet of flowers in pastel tonesEven dried flowers could look very elegant. If you want the centerpiece to be something else striking, then bet on large and colorful bouquets.

Add details around

Vintage centerpieces with antique metal vases

To complete the composition of the centerpiece, it is a good idea to place certain items around the vase, such as Candlesticks, candle holders, books, small photo frames, old perfume dispensers and other metal, glass or vintage objects.

We hope this brief guide on how to do vintage centerpieces with antique vases or other metal objects, such as vessels or candlesticks, from your purchase, through its restoration and finished by its decoration with flowers and other vintage accessories you liked and that you dare to do something similar to decorate your vintage wedding. Can you think of any more ideas? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment below with your opinions and suggestions. We wait for you.

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