How to look perfect on the beach?


Although choosing the costumes to go to the beach does not seem complicated, sometimes we have a hard time choosing the perfect outfit. There are so many types of Beach dresses that making the decision can be a real odyssey.

The classic option is to bet on looks composed of shorts or minis with basic T-shirt -> It is a good alternative for those days of beach that are lengthening until night, with walks by the port. Simple flip flops will provide all the comfort we need for the event.

So that we have more ideas when starting that great day, we have prepared some tips that will be of your interest:

Tips to look great on the beach

  • Simplicity: The maximum to fulfill when choosing clothes for this situation, regardless of whether we are talking about Beach dresses, or any other garment, is to bet on comfortable and cool fabrics, as well as wide clothing. The tight clothes may be fine, but remember that the heat is high and that, depending on the time you can be there, it could become overwhelming. The simple dresses will allow us to mark own style, be great, and comfortable at the same time.
  • Perfect accessory: The accessory that can not be missed during our visit to the beach is the hat. Not only will it allow us to get a kick chic, but at the same time it will protect us from the sun. We have many types of hats that we can bet on, but the most recommended ones, which cause a furor at the moment, are the borsalino wave pamela.
  • For the feet: At this point we are not going to complicate our lives too much -> The only thing we have to do is to choose simple and as comfortable as possible.
  • Handbag: The bag is the eternal accessory that will accompany us with any type of clothing and, of course, it should also be in our beach look. In this case space must prevail, since it is very possible that we have to take everything. You should forget those bags that are very aesthetic, but have little space, or very small bandoliers.

Instead, our recommendation is that you decide on a straw bag or a carrycot.

  • Bikini: After having created a complete color configuration with all the above, what we can not do is that the color of the bikini is completely different -> In other words: the bikini should match the rest of the look.

As you could see, the main characteristic of a summer look should be comfort, but this does not mean that we have to sacrifice our style, much less. We will simply have to look for pieces that stick with us, that are comfortable, practical, and that we can forget once we get to the beach to focus on the only important thing: to spend the best possible.

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