How to install an alarm at home? Easy step by step tutorial!


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Why do I need an alarm at home? The main reason is to insure your home and yours. The installation of an alarm has a great deterrent effect. It has been shown that there are more robberies or attempted robberies in homes and businesses without alarm than in those that have it.

How to install an alarm yourself

Installing an alarm is very simple. We will take for example the alarm without fees Total Alarm TA-1 that we can install and configure ourselves, since the whole process is done through a mobile app very intuitive But let's go step by step. First let's explain what are we going to find in the box:

The TA-1 alarm kit includes:

  • 1 central alarm panel
  • 2 remote controls to activate or deactivate the remote alarm.
  • 2 proximity keychains.
  • 1 volumetric detector capable of not jumping with pets weighing less than 25 kilos.
  • 1 opening sensor.
  • 1 wireless keyboard

The sensors are already paired at the factory with the alarm center. We just have to place the alarm center in a safe place and then the sensors. The volumetric should be located approximately 2 meters, screwed on the wall and so that it covers the main access door to detect the intrusion. The door opening sensor can go in the main door so that it jumps when it is opened or in the door of another space that we want to protect (garage door, etc.). The sensors are two pieces that are glued each of them to a door leaf.

From here, we have to set the alarm with the mobile app, which we will download from the corresponding Android or iPhone market place and install it on our phone.

On the back of the alarm there is a button that we press and will activate a Wi-Fi network of the alarm itself, without internet connection. It will appear as a more available Wi-Fi network on our phone. We connect to this new Wi-Fi network to begin the configuration process. To do this we will use the numerical default key assigned to it.

Next, the mobile application will ask us to select how we want to connect the alarm to the internet. It gives us the option to do it by LAN cable, which is the most recommended. It is as easy as pulling an ethernet cable from the alarm port to one of the router's outputs.

If we choose to connect it via Wi-Fi to the router, we will see a drop-down with all available Wi-Fi networks. We have to choose the wifi of our home and enter your password and confirm it.

Once connected to our router to the alarm – either by wifi or LAN – we will see a graphic with a drawing of the alarm and a cloud connected. This means that they have matched well.

Next, a screen will open asking us to choose the key for the numeric keypad. And we choose a four-digit pin and click ok.

From this moment the alarm appears to us as connected and operational. And successive screens will appear to make adjustments such as setting the name of the alarm, setting the language of the messages, creating users, etc.

Also from the application we can arm or disarm the different devices that are paired with the alarm: volumetric detectors, door sensors, cameras, etc.

Alarm without fees: Total Alarm TA-1 Review

total alarm ta

Total Alarm TA-1: alarm for easy installation and use without fees for homes and businesses

  • Easy to use – 9.5 / 10

  • Price quality – 10/10

  • Reliability of the seller – 9.6 / 10

  • Ease to buy – 8.7 / 10

  • Delivery time – 8.8 / 10

  • Product utility – 10/10

9.4 / 10

Assessment & opinion of the alarm without fees Total Alarm TA-1

The total Alarm TA-1 is a high quality product, at a reasonable price for everything it offers and that within its category we could classify as the best home automation and security system for homes and business offices. Since it offers all the guarantees in terms of security that you would expect from an alarm marketed by the typical security companies such as Securitas Direct or Prosegur that are CRA (Central Alarm Receivers), but without links to those that bind you. With Total Alarm TA-1 you will be free and equally well protected. In addition this alarm will always be yours, you can expand it with more accessories if you need it and the most important thing will be much cheaper. What are you waiting for to buy it?

The TA-1 alarm It is a state-of-the-art safety equipment, with an excellent value for money. With a single payment and no ties, you will have the best security equipment at your disposal. Next, we detail the main characteristics of this alarm.

Secure communications

The TA-1 allows three-way communication: LAN connection to the computer network, via WIFI to our router and also by GSM. This is important so that the alarm can work when we don't have internet at home. Optionally, it can also be connected by landline.

Other functions that the alarm incorporates

A remarkable feature that has the alarm for home and offices without fees Total Alarm TA-1 is that it goes beyond a simple alarm.

With the alarm we can perform home automation functions basic if we add the smart plugs compatible with her. We can thus control the heating, lights and other devices that are connected to these plugs.

The basic pack can be expanded with more sensors if we need them, or even we can incorporate different cameras to perform video surveillance remote This way we will know at all times what happens in our home.

The TA-1 is designed to grow and to create a security system that suits our home. For many people it will be enough with the basic pack, but customers who need to expand their functions will have no problem.

You have everything on your mobile

Being able to control all your security equipment from your mobile phone is a great convenience. Messages and alerts are made through messages push, thereby saving communications costs. All alarm functions can be controlled from free applications for IOS and ANDROID, which stand out for their ease of use and for the complete functions they have. The information is automatically synchronized with our smartphone.

All alerts will reach us through push messages or via SMS.


Different alarm users can be configured, each with their keys. We can also register notices to other users by SMS, in case we are going to be out or without a phone.

Very safe alarm

The alarm has an internal 433 MHz inhibitor detector and a wide range: the sensors reach up to 200 meters outdoors and 50 meters with Wi-Fi. It also has delay systems for differentiated outputs and inputs.

Everything under control

Through the APP we can have complete control of the different accesses to our home or business, both with the use of the keyboard and keys. We also have access to the history of all events that occur.

Other alarm functions

The pairing of the equipment is quick and easy using QR code. The wireless keyboard is bidirectional and has status light. The system can be armed and rearmed by means of a keyboard or by means of the keys that the equipment incorporates. And if you need more controls or more QR keys you can buy them in the TuAlarmaSINcuotas store.

The software update that composes the alarm installed at home is automatic through the internet. Not being necessary to do anything, she herself will improve in functionality. The mobile application does have to be downloaded to the smartphone for the most up-to-date versions that are coming out periodically to be able to enjoy the improvements that are being added. Of course, updates and product improvements are free for existing customers.

We hope you found this tutorial and review about how to install an alarm at home very easy and step by step. And now be encouraged to install by yourself the Total Alarm TA-1, which is considered by many experts in home automation and security the best alarm in the market without fees in relation to value for money, and the one that best meets all quality standards with the maximum safety guarantee. Your security will be under your control!

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