How to hack a Facebook account without surveys


how to hack a Facebook account without surveys

How to hack a Facebook account without surveys It is a question that many users have already tried, but without success. That is why it is important to know if there really are alternatives. Today we reveal it to you.

Hack a Facebook account without surveys

There are users looking for the way to steal the password from another person's Facebook account, either to read your messages, view photos or publications. But is there really a tool or software that allows it? Or is it all false?

Most of the time we find programs that ask us to fill out a survey and enter the mobile phone number. It is a trap that automatically subscribes to premium SMS. So it is not worth risking for a tool that we do not know if it will work. But luckily there are more options.

The truth is that we have just found a tool that promises spy Facebook free 2019. This is how the following video is titled. So before proceeding, I recommend you take a look.

This video will help you to know how to hack a Facebook account without surveys. Of course, for this, you will need Download Espiarface APK, the app that you will find in the previous link; No need to fill out any survey.

Espiarface APK

This is a free program that is installed on the mobile and promises to hack any Facebook account without surveys. How does it work?

  1. Download the software for the PC or for the mobile
  2. Open the app and choose the option to hack Facebook
  3. Enter the URL of the profile you want to hack
  4. Execute the function that interests you
  5. You can now use the hacked account!

In this program you will see that the options of spy a Facebook, Saved files and options. So you simply have to mark the one you want. In the case of the first one, it is the one that hacks the account.

It is also important that you write well the link of the account you want to hack. For this the best thing is that you copy it and then paste it in the box.

After that you can choose 3 options: spy chat, hack password and download photos. Simply choose what you want to do and that's it.

When in doubt give the play to the previous video and there you will see all the steps to follow, so that you know more graphically what you have to do. No surprises

Being free, you do not lose anything to try it

So second promises this app, the goal is that you can know how to hack a Facebook account without surveys in an easy and fast way. It is an alternative to get rid of the surveys, since it is a dangerous process if you subscribe without noticing the premium SMS and then they charge you several euros on your telephone bill.

And since the app they recommend is free, you do not lose anything to try it. So remember, you only have to enter the link that we leave you to know more about the app of Espiarface APK. Any doubts you can use the comments.

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