How to get a loan even while in Veraz?


Banks and Financials that grant personal loans have been promoting the delivery of personal loans with Veraz (the most popular delinquent registry in the country) for more than a few months.

To do this, they ‘index’ to comply, discounting the monthly fee through the bank account, which is usually the one they have for salary; and imposing a much higher interest rate than what they put on a common client: for example, for one who is in Veraz and asks 1,000 pesos, they are given in 12 installments of 157 pesos, while for one without Veraz receives in installments of 130 pesos.

On average, the interest rate for those who carry the nickname of 'bad debts' becomes 11 percent per month, that is to say that they pay more than double what they asked for a year.

In the businesses consulted, they argue that since there are a lot of debtors in the country, they are forced to risk giving personal loans with Veraz 5, but knowing that with the interest they put on it and even if they don't pay all the fees, the Capital likewise recover it.

They also say that it influenced in recent weeks that Anses suspended the delivery of credits to retirees that were fulfilled by discount on the receipt and added so that now local businesses are on the lookout for new customers, who until now were out of the market.

The conditions

The new preference has caused that those who could not pass through the door of a financial and even less of a bank, are coming and despite the fact that the conditions are tough, they get into the adventure of seeking personal credit.

Esta ’These people were out of the system, they had no chance of being granted unless they had a very low debt rating, but not even that way. What was done with this is to take them back into account, although we know what we are exposed to, '' said Esteban, former director of a Bank, qualifies them from category '1' to '5', where the latter is the most hard and more committed to the house that delivers the credit.

This graduation is key for local businesses, because they evaluate that it is not the same to lend to someone who owes a fortune than the one who owes little money, even if both are included in the Veraz.

Cuanto ’The larger the debt, well, we lend you, but the amount and interest is handled by us based precisely on those parameters. If a person comes who has a debt of 2,500 pesos from 5 months ago, well it is not so much, but there is one that owes 17,000 pesos and is from 2008, well that is lent but with many conditions, “ said the owner of a Capital cooperative.

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