How to decorate your room in summer


It already smells like summer and we have to be ready to receive it. And not only do we mean clothes, but also your home. Do you know how to decorate your room in summer? We tell you! Light colors, blue and green tones are some of the suggestions we like the most.

Step 1: check your bedroom

Before you start decorating the entire room, take advantage of this change to make a general review of the bedroom. Check out the state of the curtains, the mattresses of the beds, the state of other items such as shelves or cabinets. We know it can be lazy, but it is a very good opportunity to renew what is already outdated or in poor condition.

Ideas to decorate your room in summer

Once we have done a general review, it is time to write down ideas! First of all, don't go crazy. It is better to focus to achieve a homogeneous and totally summery style.


The range of summer colors is very wide, but what predominates are pastel colors. Use blues, pinks, violets, greens and whites in the decoration of your curtains, bed covers and other furniture. Try to create a perfect harmony by combining up to three colors.

how to decorate your room in summer

Furniture and decorative elements

What if you paint your furniture and give them a touch of summer color? From white to blue you have a whole range of possibilities. In addition, you can go a step further if you use other decorative elements typical of summer: beach stones, starfish, shells, sand …

how to decorate your room in summer

Flowers and sea

Flowers always They help us to give it life when decorating the room in summer or at any other time of the year. In this case, we recommend decorating with flowers that follow the color set you have chosen. Take advantage also to use marine resources, as we said before.

how to decorate your room in summer

If you have been wanting more, we leave this post last summer to inspire you :)

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