How to decorate the house with fabrics


Fabrics are very important for dress a home. The choice of ones beautiful and quality fabrics makes a home look Elegant, really as if wearing a beautiful dress. Normally, when we think about the textile of a house, the mind comes to mind. curtains and the bedding, but as we can see Pieces & Fabrics there are many other ways to decorate the house with fabrics and then we will give you ideas, some of them original and surprising.


Cushions are an important part of decorating the house, be it the living room or the bedroom. Therefore, you can buy fabrics, whether from egeometric, vintage or ethnic print and perform different covers to place them together, that are together and give a different decorative touch to the room, as we see in these images.


Table runners are something that you don't usually repair much or pay too much attention to and reallythey carry a decorative touch to the dining room or kitchen that is appreciated. In addition, they are very easy to make, since it is enough to buy a piece of clothcut it out rectangular and sew the edges. If desired, the ends can be made in the form of peak or even put some fringes, depending on the decorative style, if it is more modern, rustic or ethnic.


This idea really drives us crazy. As you can see, it's about choosing different pieces of fabric with unique and beautiful printss that are in sync with each other and that fit, either by style or color, frame them and put them together forming a triptych or a mosaic. Notice that the frames should be the same. They serve both to decorate living rooms, such as kitchens, offices and even bathrooms. We like the idea of ​​making a large painting that occupies a large part of the wall, joining scraps, as we see in the first photo. Ideally, the prints fit and, if not, will have a more handmade and casual touch.


Be careful with the upholstery, since if we upholster a color or a very striking print a sofa or a couch can be recharged. To give that striking touch to the room, just upholster an armchair or a chair with a good print and a good fabric, whether geometric, ethnic or with vintage motifs. It will be more than enough. Of course, if you put a cushion on it, it has to be a single color and sober. Note, in addition, that if an armchair is upholstered in a colorful way, the surroundings must be more neutral with wooden floors, plain curtains or light colored carpets to compensate.


We finish this article with an idea that we love because it is ptactical and decorative at the same time. As you can see, it's about divide spacesnormally the living room dining room, kitchen living room in housing type open concept or separate the living room bedroom in studies or lofts using fabrics or curtains. In addition to being useful, we are giving a touch of added decoration that will make both rooms look dressed and elegant, providing an extra degree of privacy.

We hope you are ideas to decorate a house with fabrics you liked it and that you are encouraged to make these cushion covers, table runners, framed fabrics and dividing curtains yourself. The upholstery is already something more complicated, but you can try. Which one is your favorite? We are waiting your comments!

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