How to control weight with a balanced diet


We often make tremendous mistakes in our diet in order to see and feel better. Some of the most typical mistakes and that often endanger our health, have to do with too restrictive diets that seek to lose weight quickly, those miracle diets that are usually done before an event, such as a wedding, or, above all, with the arrival of the dreaded bikini operation.

These food nonsense have bad consequences for our health and, in addition, usually have a significant rebound effect (yo-yo), so, in reality, in the end, we will be worse than when we started.

As professionals assure us, such as those that make up the team of the nutritionist clinic in Barcelona that you will find behind this link, the secret is in change eating habits and lead a healthier life so that the weight loss be real and safe, and so that it also stabilizes over time.

As we are not all equal, they will study each particular case by offering each patient a fully personalized diet to help you achieve your goals, always keeping in mind that it is not a very restrictive regime to achieve very fast results, but that it is to be healthier and maintain an appropriate weight.

Diet and lifestyle

For a diet to be successful, it has to be part of your lifestyle and even if you do not lose many kilos in a short time, the important thing is that you lose weight gradually and that you stay at your ideal weight permanently.

Diet and lifestyle

In general, you should acquire good habits to achieve your purpose of losing weight and then continue with proper maintenance.

Some healthy habits

To lose weight, the key is to spend more calories than you eat, so it's not about stopping eating or counting calories for most of the day, it's about increasing fat burning with exercise, which can be walking at a brisk pace, going for a run, dancing …, everything will depend on our physical state and what motivates us, because we must look for an activity that we are able to maintain over time, and to get it the best thing is that we feel well performing it.

If you are one of those people who need an extra motivation, and you are also sociable, nothing like looking for a group with which to share a hobby that is also healthy and helps you burn calories. In this way, and reducing the amount of food we usually eat a little, we will already be losing weight without problems.

Another habit that we must follow is to eat low-fat foods, avoiding processed and refined foods, fried foods, fast food, butter … We must also eliminate or limit the consumption of sugar, especially soda.

On the contrary, we will have to increase the intake of fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which give us much less calories than prepared foods and are easier to digest. By including vegetables in all your dishes, you will fill up before consuming much less calories than if you were consuming bread, pork, sausages … and, in addition, you will be giving your body all those vitamins it needs for proper functioning.

Another habit to incorporate is to limit the portions, and in this case we will not ask you to take the day measuring or weighing food, but remember these proportions.

The meat or fish portion should be a quarter of your plate, the carbohydrate portion, be it legumes, rice, pasta …) another quarter and the vegetable portion half the plate. To control the total amounts and lose weight, it is best to resort to using small plates, because we also eat by sight and we will have the feeling that we are eating more when we see a full plate.

If at first you stay hungry, until you get used to it, you should know that it is completely normal and healthy, that, if your body has been accumulating fat and you are overweight, it is because you have been eating too much, but always in moderation, that's why In no case can we stop eating, with dangerous diets, or stop eating food groups that can lead to numerous deficiencies.

The role of the nutritionist today

Having a balanced diet is essential for a healthy life and, in this sense, today the role played by the nutritionist is vital to achieve a healthy lifestyle and achieve the goals we have set in relation not only to lose weight , but to our own health. This role is essential since we live in a society with a predominantly sedentary lifestyle where 60% of the population is overweight and the obesity rate has doubled in the last twenty years.

A nutritionist is an expert in food and nutrition who will develop personalized dietary plans so that you can achieve weight loss goals, if that is what you need, or achieve another goal that the patient proposes related to food, without risking their health, but increasing it.

And, although the problem that most patients attend is due to being overweight, it is not the only area they work for, and there is a small part of the population that suffers from being below their weight or index of body mass and we also encounter eating disorders, which are a separate issue and should be treated by a multidisciplinary team that provides psychological help.

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