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Do you want some tips to decorate and join venetian blinds made of wood? Do you know how they can be used in different areas of the house? And how could they be combined with fabrics and also with colors? The first thing is that we have to set aside the fear to try new textures and leave the traditional curtain, betting on modern and beautiful venetian blinds made of wood.


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Get a nice and natural environment with venetian blinds made of wood. This material brings a different and hot touch. This is how we are going to be able to transform any room into a personal environment. If you want your rooms to be colonial, it will help you achieve it. It combines wooden venetian blinds with furniture with minimalist straight lines.

If you have a room with low light, surely you have complicated at the time of decorating. Nothing helps you create pleasant environments. It is rather difficult if this natural light is scarce. We can achieve great things if we know how to decorate a room in low light. The essential thing is to take advantage of that light that arrives and in addition to this, to know how to strengthen it with the elements that we have.

This can be done in multiple ways, so that the space seems clearer to us. Do not forget that dark spaces are less pleasant. Use mirrors Put them in front of the window, because in this way the light that enters is reflected in it. This causes the sensation of illumination to increase. In addition to this, if the room is small, it helps us to look considerably more extensive.

Use very light colors

Avoid dark tones, which steal light into the room. The light colors make everything look considerably more luminous and also more extensive. The white color is undoubtedly the best choice.

Light wood floors

The floors, if they are made of wood, it is better to select them in the lightest shade. If they are somewhat dark, you can use light-colored carpets like white.

Venetian wood blinds are of many types, and they let in enough light. The curtains tend to be thicker and occupy more. They are highly functional to regulate light in a precise way, with the aesthetic values ​​provided by wood. If you are looking to dress your windows in an easy way and have maximum control at the time of graduation, wooden venetian blinds are your choice.

We can meet with different environments and ornamental styles, in which Venetian blinds made of wood fit. All Venetian blinds contribute to transmit that sweet feeling that they give to the spaces in which they are used. However, there is an enormous plurality. Depending on its width, the wood type, its colors and finishes.

The width of the slats of the Venetian blinds of wood can be fifty cm and seventy cm. The Venetian blind may be located outside the windows, specially treated with exterior materials and white sheets. In addition to the windows of bedrooms and living rooms, we can resort to Venetian blinds so that they enter with exactly the same personality, in the kitchen. Not only in windows, but also in access doors to the terrace.

Venetian kitchen

The white color combines perfectly with the painting and a part of the furniture. If we decided to decorate with blinds or venetian blinds for kitchen, we can find a wide selection demodelos in the Kaaten brand. When in the kitchen we have an extensive glazed roof, apart from a luxury, it is a factor that allows us to play the light. In the kitchen we can put several Venetian blinds that unfold or fold at our whim.

The case is to direct the light wherever it is needed, by pleasure or by necessity.

Wood brings us back to nature and we attend it when we want to give that natural air to our house. In a living room Venetian blinds made of wood exhibit a very versatile regulation system. They can be closed completely, opened gradually or can be collected at the height that one or one wishes. Without blocking the light you get the darkness or the desired light.

We can choose the mixture of different ranges of colors in the sheets, achieving a contrast that tunes perfectly with any space. The color wood can prevail over white and make this combination a very appropriate idea for an access to a terrace or a garden. The last decoration I have seen in this sense is of Turkish inspiration.

exterior venetian blinds

kaaten_estores_23164029_628821703908300_4783634286798438400_n HOW TO COMBINE THE VENETIAN WOOD BLINDS

A beam part a couple of different height levels, both glazed. In each and every one of these heights there are three large Venetian blinds, with sheets of wood in light colors. They also elegantly cover and close the aesthetics of a pleasant lounge. A chic touch for a Parisian apartment. The blades can be oriented with different inclination to allow the regulation of light. The essential thing is that you stay with the sensation of having hit with your choice.

White wooden venetian blinds where to install them?

The white wooden venetian blinds are one of the items most requested by specialist decorators. Well to install in houses with rustic decoration or in spaces where a northern style reigns. Betting on earth tones or neutral. White wooden venetian blinds can also be purchased online. It is therefore a perfect product to install also in a Mediterranean decoration, which opts for blues and neutral tones. The blue color is going to take the stardom in textiles and ornamental elements.

The white color in the blinds will provide a greater sense of spaciousness. There are models of venetian blinds made of wood that are made to order and can be purchased in specialized stores and online. There are many different finishes to choose from other than white.

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