How to climb the Cerro de San Bernardo to have the best views of Salta


When visiting a city, it is always a good idea to start with a view of it from some panoramic point, this helps us to locate ourselves and form a general impression of the place.

San Bernardo Hill - Salta
This is the spectacular panoramic view of Salta that we get from the San Bernardo hill.

Fortunately, Jump It has a spectacular natural viewpoint: San Bernardo hill. Located to the east of the city, this small mountain full of green vegetation allows us to enjoy a privileged view from its more than 280 meters high.

The hill is part of the Cordillera Oriental that 400 million years ago was part of the bed of a shallow sea. Over the years, tectonic activity was raising the mountains that we can appreciate today. In fact, you can still find marine fossil remains from that time such as trilobites.

Mainly, there are three ways to climb to the top of the hill, adaptable to all tastes and pockets.

1. Car

If we have a car, you can reach the summit by a wavy route of about 2 kilometers that begins in the Portezuelo neighborhood, behind the bus terminal at the east access of the city.

2. Cable car

The cable car is also an interesting option that leaves us directly at the top from San Martin Park in about 8 minutes. Perhaps, this trip in the small gondolas is not suitable for claustrophobic but, without a doubt, allows you to enjoy a very peculiar perspective on the buildings adjacent to the hill.

Each section costs $ 55 (children under 5 years free of charge) and can be purchased individually, which can be combined with a descent on foot.

The cable car runs from Monday to Sunday between 10 am and 7 pm.

Cerro San Bernardo - Salta - Cable Car
An image of the cable car that goes up to San Bernardo hill.

3. Trekking

If you prefer to do a trekking in Salta, the best alternative is to walk through the 1070 stone steps to reach the summit in about 30-45 minutes. The staircase begins behind the Monument to G├╝emes, next to the Museum of Anthropology and is an ideal walk to enjoy the view through the native vegetation of the region. This tour shares the route with 14 stations of the Via Crucis that takes place on the first Sunday of May each year, reflecting the strong religious tradition of Salta.

Once at the top, you can enjoy terraces and balconies built with stone from the area that allow us to appreciate unbeatable views of the city and the valley of Lerma, as well as the mountains of the pre-mountain range to the west, ideal to observe them in the sunset time There is also a confectionery and several craft stalls ideal to return home with memories of our visit to the north.

San Bernardo Hill - Salta
A couple becomes a selfie At the top of the hill.

For decades, Cerro San Bernardo serves as an inspiration for the work of musicians and poets and is a fundamental part of Salta's life.

For those who want a more organized excursion with a professional guide, the City Tour that takes place by minibus includes this viewpoint as one of the most outstanding stops and is a great option to take a general overview of the city and its surroundings.

We do not hesitate to hire the services of the Dexotic travel agency, which we thought was very serious and we could make the reservation from the web. Almost instantly, we already had the vouchers to do the tour in our mail.

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