How to choose the best pet vacuum cleaner?


Those of us who have a pet inside the house, especially in flats, know the importance of have a good pet vacuum cleaner, since not having it the house is full of hairs.

The brush can serve us for a given moment, to get us out of a hurry, but if we want to have the house clean we must buy a vacuum cleaner and within the wide range of these appliances, we must acquire a specific one for pets.

What do we have to consider when buying a pet vacuum cleaner?

There are several things to keep in mind when buying a pet vacuum cleaner, so let's see these points to hit when buying our vacuum cleaner. In addition, in the link you can see in this paragraph there are comparisons of specific models.

Motorized brush

One of the main differences between a normal vacuum cleaner and a pet vacuum cleaner is in the type of brush.

pet vacuum

If you are looking for a pet vacuum you have to buy one with motorized brush, a brush with rollers that move at the same time as vacuuming, which makes vacuuming the hairs much easier, especially on certain surfaces such as fabric.

Some of these brushes even carry a blade that is activated by pressing a button, a blade that cuts hair and prevents them from getting tangled in the brush, so that we always have it clean.

Brush to vacuum over pets

Accessories are important in any type of vacuum cleaner and more when we are going to use it with pets. In this way, some vacuum cleaners for dogs and cats come with a brush that attaches to the tube and can be passed over the animal.

It is similar to a normal brush, but with the advantage that suck the hairs as we comb the animall, so we avoid having the house full of hairs flying everywhere.

Of course, this accessory will only be useful if your pet is not afraid of noise, because no matter how quiet the vacuum is, it will always make noise.

Accessories for upholstery and carpets

All those who have dogs and cats know that it is very difficult to keep upholstery and carpets free of hair, so it is common to wear hair attached to clothes.

pet pet upholstery

That is why it is so important that a pet vacuum cleaner comes with accessories for these types of surfaces, such as special nozzles or brushes dedicated to this purpose, something that will make it easier for us to keep the house clean and free of hair.

HEPA filter

The HEPA filter It is another element that must be taken into account when buying a vacuum cleaner, especially if there are allergies at home.

What the filter does is prevent the dust mites, animal dander and all kinds of microparticles return to the environment when the vacuum cleaner passes, which can expel all these unwanted elements from the back if it does not have a filter of these characteristics.

HEPA filter pet vacuum cleaner

It can be said that what this filter does is purify the air, leave it cleaner. In this way, thanks to the filter we do leave the house clean.

There are several types of HEPA filters, which are always named accompanied by a letter and a number. Thus, the higher the number the better the air will filter, so it can serve as an indication to buy your vacuum cleaner.

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