How to choose natural cosmetic products well


Today we are going to talk a little more about the trend beauty of the moment: Natural cosmetics More and more people are choosing this type of cosmetics. And it is that we are facing a revolution that involves a change of lifestyle towards the ecological, sustainable and healthy. Do you know how to choose natural cosmetic products well? Don't worry if you have questions on the subject, Today we solve them all!

What is natural cosmetic?

They are all products whether creams, concealers, makeup bases … that are made from Natural ingredients, environmentally friendly and beneficial to your health. A clear example would be, a natural cosmetics shop with countless brands of bio cosmetics. But … do you really know how to distinguish natural brands from those that only appear?

natural cosmetics

Tips for choosing products well

Look for the certified seal

All natural cosmetic products must have the following labels: Nature, BDIH, Eco-Control, BIO and ECO, labels that are only given to products that meet very strict requirements.

Type of certificates

Depending on the type of certificate the requirements will be more or less demanding, but what they all have in common is the total absence of toxic, chemical, petroleum, synthetic, parabens, sulfates as well as any ingredients considered harmful to health.

An organic product is not the same as a natural one

If the cosmetic contains about 95% of certified organic vegetable and / or animal ingredients it is considered organic, however, if it does not meet this requirement we are talking about natural cosmetics.

Benefits of natural cosmetics

This trend pursues the connection between body and nature. And it manages to regenerate, protect and care for the skin! In this way, natural cosmetics say goodbye to toxic substances, so we can rule out the dangers of industrial cosmetics. There are many studies that relate conventional cosmetics to autoimmune diseases, allergies, or even cancer.

natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are very effective, since it enhances the oxygenation of the skin, ending its dull and dull appearance. In this way, we get a non-intoxicated and healthy skin. On the other hand, does not produce allergies, so it is recommended for people with sensitive skin or skin problems. At the same time, it returns the brightness of the skin. Do you need more reasons to switch to natural cosmetics? We recommend you continue reading about trends beauty of beauty! : D

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