How to choose a company specialized in website translation


Are you thinking about hiring a specialized agency in the web translation? You will soon realize that in the market there are many options that you can choose, but this does not mean that all are reliable, far from it.

You may need these services to translate your web page, to guide you to clients who speak another language, to carry out a commercial agreement with other companies, because you need to give form to contracts in different languages, etc.

Regardless of what your need is, it is important to know what you have to rely on to choose a web translation agency of quality, as is the case LinguaVox. Keep reading to find out:

On what should we base ourselves to choose a web translation company?


Specialized translation service

You will get a better service if you know what kind of specialty you need. And it is that it will not be the same to want to translate press releases, brochures, presentations, etc., than to make a translation for academic records, certificates, court records … In the first case we will need a service of translation of marketing and companies, while in the second one we will need another one sworn translation.

In addition, there are also very varied services, such as technical, legal translations, for websites and applications, medical… You can take a look at all the translation services offered by this veteran agency.

Trajectory and experience of the agency

Although it is not a condition that is fulfilled in 100% of cases, the truth is that the more experience the company has, the better results it will offer you. The experience makes the company have enough knowledge to offer you the best translators, react in time to any unforeseen event that the client may have, or even manage the projects with sufficient fluidity.

All the time they have in the market they will have used to adapt to the client, to what they need.


Before choosing the translation agency, it would not hurt to take a look at his career, whether or not he has a good reputation. Now, thanks to the social networks, this is much easier than ever.

All we have to do is take a look at the opinions of customers, and take stock -> We should never be left with the assessment of a single opinion, but we can assess them all together before having it clear.

Delivery deadlines

Good translations will take time, but we all know how important flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to companies are. The best option is to bet on companies that comply with the delivery term, but in our hands is the fact of assessing if it is really realistic, if it adapts to our needs.

good prices

Beware of excessively cheap prices -> If something is too good to be true, it is most likely that there is a cat locked up.

Our objective will be to try to find the balance between these two points: we look for a quality agency, but at a fair price that really suits our pocket.

These 5 keys allow you to find the perfect translation agency.

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