How to care for your skin in each phase of healing of a tattoo • Small tattoos


Think that A tattoo, when a needle is inserted under the skin and injected with ink, it is a wound, in reality, therefore, it is vulnerable to infections and you have to have a lot Care to heal correctly and, as much the health of your organism, as the aspect of the tattoo, is the correct one. It is very, very important, to take care of your skin during the healing process of a tattoo, following all the guidelines that the tattoo artist gives you. We are going you we are going it to him to detail next the considerations to take into account and according to the post-tattoo phase in which you are, that is, in the healing phases of a tattoo.


Phases healing tattoo Day 1

The care of the tattoo begins from the moment the tattoo artist finishes his work. It will put you ointment and bandage it. After a few hours, you can remove it and you will see that the tattoo oozes a liquid, which is a mixture of blood, plasma and ink. You will have to Wash it with warm water and neutral soap, without perfume. Afterwards, you will apply the same ointment that the tattoo artist has used, surely a anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial cream, as barmicil for skin care, which is good for this purpose because it helps healing.

DAYS 2-3

Phases healing tattoo Day 2

Do not be scared if you see that your tattoo has a something more opaque appearance, it's normal and probably starts at form a crust, like that of wounds. You have to follow washing up the tattoo like the day before and apply a moisturizer that has no perfume or alcohol.

DAYS 4-6

Phases healing tattoo Day 5

In this next phase you will see how in redness of the tattoo starts at disappear, although the slight crust on top of the tattoo will still be visible. It is important that do not scratch the scab and let her get up and fall on her own, because otherwise, you could leave scars or marks and the tattoo will not look good. Of course, you have to keep washing your tattoo just like the days before. The same with the moisturizer.

DAYS 6-14

Phases healing tattoo Day 7

After a week since the completion of the tattoo you will see that the scab is hardened and it will start to come off and to fall alone. It is possible that in this phase you feel itching and itching on the skin. Do not scratch, apply a cream humectant to relieve it. If you see that the tattoo is still red or swollen, you may have become infected, so go to a dermatologist.

DAYS 15-30

Phases healing tattoo Day 9

You are already in the last stage of healing of your tattoo! The scabs and scales of the skin will have disappeared, although perhaps you can still see that area of ​​skin a little drier and opaque, that's why it's important to continue hydrating it until equating it with the rest of the surrounding skin. In these weeks the outer layer of the skin is already healed, but the internal ones are not. These will take three or four months to heal, then it will be when the tattoo will really look bright and with the original colors designed by the tattoo artist.

We hope that this article will help you to be clear about the healing process of a tattoo and the products you should use. Even so, Each skin and each tattoo are different, therefore, you have to be very attentive to what the tattooist and the dermatologist recommend, since what we tell you is a standard process and you may need special treatment with certain products.

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