How to block your applications with password on Android


Security plays a fundamental role in all Android devices. And is that having an extremely secure password as an easy to remember but insecure, is just as important for prevent access to all that information that we want to have private.

Blocking and including greater security in our device is becoming easier and in this article we will review applications for block any of our apps with a password or pattern.

AppLock – Lock

Undoubtedly Lock (AppLock) is one of the best known in Android since it is fairly simple to set up and use, this app has different ways to increase the security of our applications such as messages, contacts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail and whichever you want, whether it is with a fingerprint, pin or pattern.

Another interesting feature of AppLock is that it allows you to hide photos, videos from the gallery and an automatic lock after a certain time of use in an app.

The application It's free and there are 2 versionsI have used both of them personally and I have not had any problems.

Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is one of the most valued that we can find so far in the Play Store, and is that we can put a password to all our applications or individually for each, with a Four-digit PIN, pattern or alphanumeric password.

The application is Free and compatible as of Android 4.1.

AppLocker / Lock Apps

AppLocker allows blocking access to messaging, social networks, gallery, contacts and like the previous apps, any application. In this case this application offers three blocking options: fingerprint, pattern or numeric password. The main advantage of AppLocker before the other two alternatives is that according to its own creators, it is one of the lightest proposals of the Play Store, since does not consume RAM, battery and system resources.

Another feature to highlight is that it does not allow access to the system configuration to avoid any change in the settings or if someone wants to uninstall any application from your smartphone.

Personally, I am currently testing this application and it is a excellent alternative if you are looking for a clean design, and the main objective is to block your applications with greater security.

The application is free and you can find it in the following link:

Do you use some of these applications?

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