How to be aware of SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and HEALTH


For more achievements, you have to feel Consciousness of Success, Happiness and Health. With thought of success, we take the consciousness of success. And if we need to work on health, then let's have health awareness.

Happiness and love? Let us have a perception of love and happiness. This is how we attract what we want, with the new consciousness. The power is in us, we just have to learn to use it to work with us.

Prosperity begins within us. We have the power to govern everything we have, abundance, money, happiness, as well as sadness, depression, loss, only by understanding it we can use it, recognizing the potential, the potential of the Being, allowing us to create fascinating things. We follow the study of the Master Key System, let's see what is related to the Introduction of part one.

Knowing how to breathe is more important than you think

Success, Happiness and Health Awareness

Prosperity begins in the interior

Let's review a little about what part number one says.

  • It is not with greed, competition, domination towards other people or selfishness that we can attract all that we desire and the abundance that we long for, on the contrary, it is with the greatest humility, with the recognition of the wonders of our planet, with the immensity of the inner Being, with the perfection of the Universe that we attract in a harmonious way what we so long for.

Do you know someone who has lived making a lot of money being mean?

It does not matter, what it matters is your recognition, its course, its advance towards a more abundant and spiritual universe; as in the introduction to Part One, it is stated:

"The things of the world flow from the internal power of man, with which he rules them".

It is Your Natural Right to advance, it is Law, it is to be in harmony with Nature, it is Life to generate more Life, by synchronizing ourselves with this, we will be in the Creative Frequency.

Abundance is in my liveWe have to free ourselves from our internal enemy
Prosperity begins in ourselves, by finding the inner being.
In the introduction to part one this is presented in a very beautiful way:

  • Day by day as you advance and advance, you gain strength, your inspiration deepens, your plans crystallize, gain understanding, you will realize that this cosmos is not a pile of dead stones and wood, that it is a living being! It is made of the throbbing hearts of humanity. It is life and beauty.

That is, when we synchronize with the true Creator Power, we will not only have the happiness of being economically rich and prosperous, but also we will discover the beauty of this planet, of all that system that is around us and that, wonderfully, we are part of it, we will be more intuitive, we will know how to take better advantage of the opportunities presented to us, we will act in balance with our nature, we will be in a new understanding of the All.

Workshop Consciousness of living in love

thought mind inner power

  • And if we need to work health, then let's have thought of perfect health.
  • Happiness and love? Think about it. This is how we attract what we want, with the new consciousness.
  • The power is in us, we just have to learn to use it to work with us.

This it is Haanel's book, is a study of Studies of metaphysics and energy to become aware of what we are looking for and find it.

Let's make our Victories a habit

The Secret of the Mastery

Until now, we have studied that in the Universe there are different laws, which work harmoniously and that, when we are in synchrony with them, we create situations that favor us.

We have learned that the law of cause and effect exists, where our thoughts are the cause, while the effect is the experiences and situations that occur around us.

This law is always there and, being aware of it, we realize the immense power that is within us, while, experiencing that this is so, we show the grandeur of the Inner Power.

Victory should be a habit

Now, the question is, how much do you complain?

How often do you feel so badly psychically that you can not even move?

And, as we said earlier, how is your mind?

How are your monsters?Let's make our success a habit

Summarizing and, said in a funny way.

In the introduction to chapter three of the book we are advised as follows:

Eliminate, then, any possible tendency to complain about how they have been or how the circumstances are, because it is up to you to change them and turn them into what you want them to be.

Sometimes we can cling so much to the past that we can not even move in the present, we can get so stuck in a situation that the intelligence gets used to this, causing us not to find out how to get out of this situation.

How do I get out of this?

The answer is through the Conscious Mind, which is the "coach" of the Subconscious, taking constant conscious thoughts, we teach the Subconscious Mind where we want to be, what we want to think constantly and how we want our actions to be.

In the introduction to chapter three it is stated that:

Although at the beginning of each function of life and each action is the result of conscious thought, the habitual acts become automatic and the thought that controls them enters the sphere of the subconscious, however, it still feels as intelligent as before. It needs to become automatic or subconscious so that the self-conscious can deal with other things.

However, the new acts, in turn, will become habitual, then automatic and later subconscious so that the conscience can be liberated again from this detail and progress towards other activities.

Thus, we know that we are conscious creators of an Infinite Universe, endowed with a unique ability to attract whatever we want with the thought, becoming aware of what we are capable of, giving us the power to make our mind go on its way to a self-directed creative development .

Perseverance and our success comes

In the introduction to chapter three we mention a word that hits the nail to achieve it and is "Perseverance", so, persevere as you wish, persevere in your actions and your goals, but most importantly, persevere in your resistance , take her to a creative point where she herself will create the opportune situations so that that objective on which you are persevering is given.

The conscious practice of this leads the subconscious to do this, making their creative energies work in favor of everything we want, creating eventualities and people that will help us achieve what we persevere, so we get used to attract what we need and what we need. casualties to achieve it, however, we must always have the conscious aware of the opportunities that are presented to us and careful of the subconscious mind.

Remember to make success a habit.

Advanced workshop Contact your true Self

Beyond the recognitions, the titles, the labels, the results or qualifications that we grant, in life we ​​focus on the external and we attribute that as of ourselves, what is ours, what we are, we say

  • "I am an ultraist",
  • "I am religious",
  • "I am spiritual",
  • "I am a doctor",
  • "I'm nervous",

we rely on this and act according to this, but when we are in a difficult situation, that puts into question all that we think we are.

  • What's going on?
  • What do we think?
  • What is it that helps us at that moment?

Why do many change only when they hit bottom?

  • When you touch the bottom many reach that essence, they connect to the "I", I remember a part of the book Eat Pray Love in which Elizabeth asks her guru that if everything is heaven, What is hell? Where is?
  • Your guru answers is the same, only that on the one hand it can be a path full of light, while on the other, it is hell, a dark path, full of shadows, where in the end, souls likewise reach enlightenment.

Mental concentration techniques
In chapter four of the aforementioned book tells us that Lyman Abbot said:

We are beginning to think that God dwells in man, instead of influencing man from without.

Within us there is a "Being", simply the "I", when we focus on the "I" we discover wonderful things, discovering our true "I" we realize the Infinite Power that exists in the Interior, leading us to its conquest, which makes us capable of simply "Being". It is stated that the "I" uses the mind to reason, think and plan, while the body uses it to carry out its actions.

Two types of mind

Thus, we are described two types, each with a way of thinking and with opposite objectives, a child consciousness, which is selfish, their actions are based on manipulating other people, can be very cruel, if you get something what he achieves through mastery, while, there is also a mature thinking, which has a correct thought, realizes the moment in which in his understanding there are selfish goals, recognizes them and modifies his actions, which, beyond any search selfish, desires and works based on the good of humanity, their services are for the good of other people.

Mind thinking workshop

Having a mature intelligence, we realize that selfish actions can lead to defeat in different aspects, we notice good opportunities and results, we do not waste resources on objects that are not worthwhile, we act efficiently, for the benefit of all and of his own, this is achieved because the "I" is directing his thoughts and actions, connecting with his true "Self".

He gives us a wonderful affirmation

I can be what I decide to be.

A wonderful affirmation that Charles Haanel gives us, in his book.
The Evolution of Our Humanity
A wonderful affirmation
Still have not been able to do it?

Do not worry, if we can do it, just lack the total willingness to achieve it, make the decision and get to it, it's never too late to start or try again and never leave it again, our "I" is always with us and wait to join with Him, in chapter four it is said that:

  • Mental energy is achieved exactly in the same way that physical power is achieved: through exercise. We think of something, perhaps with difficulty the first time; we think again of the same thing, and this time it is easy for us; we think about it again and again; finally we are convinced of what we think: there is no doubt about it. We are sure; we know.

I can be whatever I want to be

The human being has an incalculable potential, whatever limitations he creates, within him there is an "I" in charge of carrying out the most holy and pure functions that we can imagine, and that, by connecting with him, we will obtain all that We want, we will create the most pleasant situations around us and we will know how to cope with situations that, under our perception are conflicting, we are able to heal everything that is around us.

Create in your mind the habit of achievement

To achieve this, let's remove from it any vestige of failure and have as our main goal the conquest of our Being.

  • With this, we end up with any limitation we think we have and we focus on Being and doing everything that the "I" leads us to do, our thoughts will be more subtle, focused on what we long for, we benefit those around us .
  • Familiarize yourself with this "I", create as goals a habit of continually contacting him and you will notice how, little by little, your steps will become more assertive.
  • Based on the Chapter four of the key.

Video Awareness of success

This part, contact your true self, is based on Chapter four

Creative Mind of Reality

The Creator Mind. We enter the new time.growth mind

In the Book of Charles F. Haanel we have known that our thinking is a vital energy that has a creative effect on our environment whose course is carried out through various Universal Laws.

The Law of vibration, which transports thought, emotions give power through the Law of Love, then take shape and materialize due to the Law of Growth, so, to be creators of everything that is around us, in addition to recognizing the functioning of this dynamic, we have to keep quiet and reach physical stillness, in order to connect with our "I".

In the introduction to chapter five People say that

  • But thought does not produce magical transformations; obeys natural laws; it sets the natural forces in motion; releases natural energies It manifests itself in your behavior and in your actions and these, in turn, react in your friends and acquaintances and, finally, in your entire environment. You can give rise to the thoughts and, since they are creative, you can create the things you want yourself.

The mind to be in operation originates the thought giving it the immense power to shape and control the matter, however, for this we must be in harmony with the Universe and be focused on achieving goals that are for the good of all.

If we want to enrich ourselves, we have to give something that satisfies the needs and is of the benefit of the recipient, because we are part of a whole and by offering a service to a person, we are offering it to the entire Universe.

Would you be able to damage such a sublime dynamic?

Would you let the Universe not enrich you?

The thought is creative, by entering a frequency that is in harmony with the Universe, the "I" will be responsible for presenting us with the best options that will allow us to reason and act in a way that is for our well-being.

We are entering a world with a new way of thinking, it fills us with power and energy, before, the power was based on the physical, on the material, however, times have changed, now the real power is in us.

By developing that power, we manage to live In a full universe, where we will be able to get everything we want, giving us the ability to be in harmony as is whatever our environment.

We are at the doors of the spiritual revolution, the Master Key guides us to train the conscience to have the power that we need so much.

Angel's Thought

Thought is a wonderful gift from God. We are image and likeness of the creator god of the universe, and, he endowed us with that wonderful tool called thought; with which we create from romantic songs to complex formulas to create deadly weapons. Each day we entrust our thoughts to God, and we will see how all reality, product of such cognitive-spiritual action, will be impregnated by prosperity and happiness. God should be the center of our thoughts, because he should reign in the center of our heart. We just have the so-called "free will" to allow that to be a reality.

By God, do not let this beautiful page, so spiritual, fail.
Whenever I can, I visit her.

And, from time to time, I make some contribution to the interesting articles that are exposed here. God bless you.

Angel Paz

We have studied chapter 5 of the book and we have taken some notes that what we have captured.

The Power of Concentration

We teach what we want to learn.

Very few escape from the fact that we are capable of learning with repetition, it is said that we learn and reinforce what we learned when we taught it and, in most cases, we learn when we study and study, repeat and repeat, reread and re-read what We want to teach, once I heard a phrase that said that you have to teach to learn.

The development of Creation does not escape this principle, by learning we train our brain to get new knowledge and, nevertheless, new thoughts.

We teach what we want to learn

I think that this is the way it is, if we really want to learn something we have to teach it to other people, explaining it, through repetition, not only our conscious learns it, but we pass it on to our subconscious, since we internalize it, we make it ours, giving us the ability to provide our knowledge to other people.

For example, if we tell our brain constantly.

Power of Concentration I wish to have prosperity, I am prosperous.

We repeat it constantly, we concentrate on it and we open ourselves to have a greater abundance, that is, we do not resist our actions, we do not put resistance in our thoughts, we let flow, we will see how magically we will receive greater abundance.

In the questions and answers in chapter 6 it is said that the power of concentration has a great value, stating that:

  • It is the highest achievement or personal goal that can be achieved, and the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, since this will allow us to control our thoughts and, since thoughts are the causes, the conditions must be the effects. If we can control the cause, we can also control the effect, thus learning the basic principles of constructive thinking

Concentrating on what we want, we will achieve it, the power of concentration will be achieved by training our brain to think better, this is achieved by feeding ourselves better and doing exercises, both mental and physical.

Also, in chapter 6 he explains it.

  • The power of attention can be easily understood if we compare it with a magnifying glass in which the sun's rays are concentrated: while the magnifying glass is in motion and the rays go from one side to the other, these have no power, but if we keep the magnifying glass perfectly immobile and let the rays concentrate on a point for a period of time, the other effect will be immediately evident.
  • The same goes for the power of thought: if we let it dissipate by taking it from one object to another, there will be no apparent result, but if we concentrate this power by attention or concentration on a single end for a period of time, there will be no nothing that is impossible.

Thinking is other energy, when we concentrate energy on an end, we will see how we will automatically create or manifest what we desire so much, in addition, we have learned that the conscious mind is the one that reasons and the subconscious acts, and that, by keeping a memory in the conscious mind, this impresses the subconscious mind, which is responsible for making our thinking clear, repetitive learning is a perfect example of this fact, by keeping an objective in mind, our "I" will be responsible for making us think and act in a harmonious way towards our goal.

Spirit of power

In chapter 6 we are clarified.

  • Needless to say, thought is the transformation by which we can absorb the Spirit of Power and keep the result in the inner consciousness until it begins to be part of our normal consciousness. The method of achieving this result through the persistent practice of a few fundamental principles, as explained in this System, is the master key that opens the store of the Truth Universel.

Understanding these principles we will be in harmony with the Universe, freeing ourselves from any anxiety, stress, illness since we will be obeying and acting in favor of Natural Laws.

Written by Ana Gil. Based on the questions and answers of Chapter 6 of the Master Key Book of Charles F. Haanel.


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This it is The Master Key System of Charles Haanel, is a study of Studies of metaphysics and energy to have the thought of what we are looking for and find it: The study of the key is fantastic

Comments received

I just realized that I am part of what I have always looked for, I am part of the Supreme Self and everything as small as it seems or as great is also part of the supreme Self and in some way we are interconnected we animate and inanimate beings.

That of animate and inanimate is only a question of wave or vibratory frequency.

I also saw clearly because they told me that thoughts create things and that things vibrate, because they are made of the same thing that I and the Creator are energy. I read Einstein a long time ago:

"The more I study electricity the closer I get to God" and that is that God or the Creator is that, pure energy and we are immersed in Him.
We are grateful. Nora

I was reading while I realized the same thing: that "I" was what I was looking for.

Everything was inside me, nothing was outside on the outside, if happiness is what I seek, happiness I will find inside me.

And another thing that helped me a lot was the exercise of this unit because I learned to put aside anger, jealousy, those negative feelings that do not let the light shine.

We will continue sharing more content related to the course, we recommend it enormously, to take Awareness of success, happiness and health, thanks for your comments. And our gratitude for sharing it on social networks.

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