How to access your files from several devices with Tonido


How to access your files from several devices with Tonido

The cloud, that space in the network that allows you to store files, is fashionable. There are many who have services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud to have documents, images, videos and other files whenever we want and from anywhere. But not only does this possibility exist when you have what you want at your fingertips, you can also have your computer as a place to access from many devices to download all types of files. You can connect from a computer, with Windows, macOS and Linux, from an iPhone or iPad, an Android device, a Windows Phone or a Blackberry, as well as a Rasperry Pi device. There are also extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

What does Tonido offer?

No third-party servers are necessary, everything is on your computer and Stupid It deals with managing uploads and downloads. With a very easy-to-handle interface, connect the device you have with your computer through its IP. It includes a file browser, a system for listening to music, a search tool built into the desktop and the option to share the Internet.

To consider

Stupid It has a free and paid version with more options, with a series of applications that can be added to the original program. The client program must be installed on the mobile device or on another PC, the server on the computer you access, which, obviously, you must have connected for the system to work.

This is what those responsible for this tool tell us about it: “Tonido Server allows you to access all your files on your computer from a web browser, smartphone, tablet or even DLNA-enabled devices. It is not necessary to configure it".

"Keeps the contents of a single folder conveniently synchronized on multiple computers with your host computer. You must install the Tonido Server software on your host computer and then install the Tonido Sync Client software on other computers to synchronize them with your host computer".

Free and paid versions

There is, as we have said, a free version of Stupid It works on the latest versions of Windows, as well as on Mac and Linux. There is also a product, Tonido Plug, which allows direct communication with the Internet connection router.


To get everything we propose, access Tonido. You just have to download the application that deals with installing the server on a computer, and the ones you need to connect to it.

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