How the Fumet or Prawns Broth is made in Monsieur Cuisine


With Monsieur Cuisine you can prepare a Fumet or Prawns Broth very rich and concentrated to make rice or any other type of recipe that you can think of ..

how to make a seafood broth

There remains a broth of ten, with a lot of flavor that serves as the basis for a lot of things, like a Cald Rice for example.

This recipe works for both Monsieur Cuisine Plus and Monsieur Cuisine Connect. And also for Thermomix.


  • Heads and skins of 300 gr. of prawns
  • 40 ml. Of olive oil
  • 1 liter and a half of Water
  • Salt
  • A splash of Cognac or Brandy


How to make Fumet or Prawns Broth in Monsieur Cuisine

1. First of all, we are going to peel the prawns because we are only going to need the heads and the skins.

We reserve the bodies of the prawns to prepare another recipe, such as a rice soup.

2. Next, we throw heads and skins into the kitchen robot monsieur cuisine. And with the measuring cup, measured 40 milliliters of olive oil and we added it to the heads and skins. We put the lid and the glass, we close it and we program: 3 minutes, 120 degrees, Speed ​​3.

3. When you have a minute or so, we lower the speed by one point and add a little brandy or cognac through the measuring cup and without removing the lid.

4. Then, we open the glass and add the liter and a half of water and add a little salt. We cover the glass again and program: 15 minutes, 120 degrees, Speed ​​1.

5. Finally, we open the glass first and then remove the lid. This will make it easier for us, because steam will first come out. We put it together and we have the fumet ready.

This fumet will give a spectacular flavor, very concentrated to your meals. With this I have prepared a rice soup but you can prepare other recipes like a fideuá, for example.

Do you dare to enrich your meals with it?

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