How the brain stimulates music


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Rhythm is a fundamental element of nature. The manifestations of our land have their own rhythm, from breathing, to the beating of the heart or even the waves of the sea. In addition, our musical perception is already given in the mother's womb, so it is especially advisable to have contact with music from one's own gestation.

How the brain stimulates music

How does music act on the brain?

Music acts on the brain inevitably. Its emotional component manages to deceive us and take us to another world without having to make any kind of effort, in fact there is its power, it only invites us to let ourselves go. But nevertheless, for the brain is a brutal revolution, especially in the one of the smallest ones. And is that a child has a brain that develops in a constant and at an exponential level.

Music is offers a series of stimuli that help build capacities as important as imagination, expression, socialization or creativity. All these qualities are enhanced through the emotion that hides behind the harmony.

How does music act on the brain?

Music has the ability to train perception, memory, sensitivity or even more complex reasoning or logic. We must not forget that behind the music is not only emotion, but also pure mathematics. That is why the sense of rhythm and body expression is also strengthened as children are exposed to music as usual.

The greatness of music is its invisibility. Behind this form of communication full of emotions transmits really important information. It enters our mind in a really easy and inevitable way.

In the end the music also acts as a kind of trigger, thanks to which a chain reaction occurs where other circuits are put into operation inside the brain.

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