How streaming has changed the way you watch TV


Technology has changed many aspects of our daily life, one of them is the way of watching television. Previously, the whole family met at a certain time to enjoy their favorite programs and if someone missed the program, the only option available was to record on video.

Now, thanks to streaming, new possibilities have been opened regarding the control of the schedules to visualize our favorite programs. Digitization has allowed the content to be available not only on television, but on different mobile devices.

Currently, it is possible to find a wide variety of content, which can be enjoyed through streaming, in a convenient and practical way.

Are we facing a generational change in television?

TV has undergone several changes throughout history. In the 80s he gave the first change, from the terrestrial analog signal, to the analog cable. Digital video came to the 90s and at this time, digitalization and the use of the internet to enjoy content from platforms such as Agile TV, Yoigo TV, Prime Video, Sky, and Flix Olé is almost complete.

Generational change on TV

The Internet broadcast changed the consumption habits of audiovisual content. We know that it is now possible to enjoy content a la carte and we even have the opportunity to interact with it and get personalized content according to our tastes and interests, something almost impossible with traditional television.

This represents a new generational change in television and in the way in which content is produced, since we see many users migrate from traditional TV to streaming content platforms, and knowing new subscription TV services that in addition to the traditional channels, also offers subscriptions to streaming content platforms.

Streaming is the present and future of television

Its about I presented of TV and has a lot of perspective to continue evolving in the future. Now, the consumer and enjoys the possibility of accessing different kinds of content on demand, even having the possibility of interacting with it.

This kind of personalized services, accessible from any device, make the streaming TV proposal to the liking of many people, not only of the younger generations but of people of all ages.

This also allows us to learn to better know the taste of audiences, allowing content creators to develop programs that really impact audiences and also allowing television advertising to be segmented and directed with greater efficiency.

In addition, it is a much more economical form of distribution for companies and therefore, the cost for users is reduced compared to traditional TV. All these changes are present today and will remain in trend during the following years, being one of the main advances of television during this generation.

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