How should bridal shoes be to enjoy your wedding?



A while ago, about eight months ago, I was talking to one of my best friends who got married in September about the world of weddings and, in particular, about her wedding, which only lasted a few months. Among the many topics we talked about, we had a long conversation about their outfit of the bride And after this time, I thought it would be good to talk to you about one of your major concerns when it comes to dressing as a bride.

We always advise all the brides with whom we have tried not to feel disguised, to be themselves, to keep their style on such an important day. It is fundamental, to feel the same. When choosing the makeup tones or the style of the dress, it is essential to have this premise in mind. But also, comfort must be taken into account. You should not wear a dress that does not allow you to move, since you will not enjoy the dance as you deserve.

The concern of my friend was the comfort and elegance on your feet. I wanted to dance like never before (until dawn) and I wanted to be elegant and beautiful. And I look for comfortable bridal shoes and I have to tell you that he gave everything and more. And his shoes were … BEAUTIFUL. Luckily I spend time finding his shoes and he was at home walking and dancing to "tame" them a little bit. And having that conversation with her and watching her dance like there was no tomorrow was a great break and she had a great success in her shoes.


But if you are looking for bridal sandals I also advise you to be comfortable and if you can use them after the wedding, better than better. There are a thousand options of sandals and it will be difficult to decide on one, but that comfort prevails.

I hope I can help more than one and more than two with the choice of comfortable and beautiful shoes for brides.

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